My Declaration of Coming into My Own Spiritually, Physically and Intellectually

dr edonna
Posted January 20, 2010 from Uganda

Wow, it has been some time since I wrote my first post here on Pulsewire. I have grown leaps and bounds inside of Self/Spirit. I am thankful for all the international friends I have met and want to give ankhs for long friendships and pray I get to meet one of you this year. I have been silent for sometime because I have seriously been working to make my declaration materialize within my being.

Through sharing, research and spiritual growth and reflection, I can say I am well on that path. I have had some challenges but they have only been lessons. My most successful story has been rediscovering and uncovering the treasure of the Goddess that has been lost through purposeful elimination and discrimination of her from literature, archeology and all the other sciences. I began my search some 12 years ago and I can finally say I am closer to the truth than I have ever been.

I would like to visit India this year, so I am sending out vibrations to my sisters there, hoping I will be able to meet up with one of you, and share in the culture, life and spirit of the people there.

Are we wombed-men ready for the truth? Are we ready to truly know who we are and the powers contained within this feminine body? That is a question only you can answer.

I look forward to hearing your comments on this matter, and taking another journey along this path with you.


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