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Dr Gwewasang has the passion and dedication for sexual and reproductive health and rights. I created Adele Reproductive Health Foundation (a registered community-based) non-profit and for the last 12 years, this organization initiative pursues proactive strategies to develop and empower women and girls to take on leadership roles in their communities. The organization believes that the full and active participation of women in decision-making is essential for positive change and development in their local communities.

I face so many challenges and barriers that sometimes I feel that I should quit. But then I look at the situation and I see how far I have come. For a man, who is not on a salary but volunteering his time to improve the healthcare and living conditions of marginalized women and vulnerable girls in underserved communities, trying to increase access to and choice of family planning for low income families, and working to bring affordable family planning information and services to women is extremely challenging work. There have been times that I have faced stigma in carrying out my work. In addition, people often criticise my programs as a man educating people how to limit the number of children within the household, and some of my fellow men present with negative attitudes towards me. Similarly, I have often had negative responses from the donor organizations, as they could not understand my challenges in looking for resources to support my work. It is true that I am a man, with a disability of financial resources however; I want to set an example for other men that with little or no means we can continue to make ourselves available to support women in all their endevours, offer assistance when we are able or complete any tasks that come up during the day for us to help. I still believe that I can do some thing, and work towards changing the present cultural ideology and social barriers that women face in my communities.

Dr Gwewasang Cameroon

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I appreciate your work and understand the challenges you go through doing voluntary work. What I think about voluntary work is that , it is a calling that with or without support you will find yourself doing. I would encourage you to network and someday you will find strong support. As long as the community appreciates your contribution this is your fulfillment.

I wish you good luck in persuing your dream

Grace Ikirimat "It takes the hammer of persistence to drive the nail of success."