I am a lifelong learner, leader, educator, artist, and advocate for social justice who has an innate ability to frame ideas as well as communicate effectively in a comprehensive, creative, and concise manner. I possess a passion to connect with others globally as means to create a platform to further the scholarship and praxis which involves utilizing narratives as key components for improving communities of color, the policies, and institutions that affect their lives.

Having survived breast cancer, abusive relationships, and re-evaluation of people, places, and things, I decided to pursue my dream of moving to Jamaica to contribute to uplift others via my education, experiences, and passions.

My fondest memories of this beautiful land of wood and water are filled with sunshine, food, love, and laughter. My affection for Jamaica started when my family would send me there to spend summer vacations with my extended family. At first I was resistant and did not want to go but that soon changed as Whitehouse, a small fisherman’s village in Montego Bay provided adventure and kinship's that are still present in my life today. I knew then, as a teenager, that I would someday return and create symbiotic relationships with a people that established an authentic sense of community within my heart.

On July 9, 2014 embarked on a journey to Jamaica with my 23 year old daughter to start our life in a little mountainous area called Lethe.. There have been so many ups and downs on this journey. It has been filled with tears of joy and sorrow but through positive affirmations, active faith, I am maintaining a momentum that sometimes I have to search for as a result of spontaneous emotional eruptions.

A part of our mission is to establish the LIBRARY OF HOPE, a resource center for educators and students. We started a Gofundme initiative along with world-wide requests for educational school supplies to supplement my personal savings that are getting exhausted as a result of this journey.

My Passions: folk arts, storytelling, percussion instruments, Kemetic yoga, reading, painting pictures, digital storytelling, urban theater, social justice, human rights issue.

My Challenges: Moving through my journey with the least amount of regrets. To move strategically as I debunk the ongoing challenges that impact and produce a digital divide as well as a lack of edifying academic and cultural enrichment initiatives.

My Futuristic Vision: To be in a position to share my experiences, education, passions, and aspirations in ways that people of color are empowered to pursue their dreams via the arts and technology initiatives.

My Areas of Expertise: Academic Coach, Cultural Life Coach, Action Research, Digital Storytelling, Curriculum Development, Computer Skills, Teacher Professional Development Workshops, Culturally Responsive Pedagogy.

My Language: English

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As part of the academia and a book lover, I find "Library of Hope" very interesting. The title itself is so encouraging!

I also have a dream of establishing a public library in my hometown., It will be specially for the young and the "young once". Many of them have not even touched a computer and so my envisioned library will have an internet nook where they can enjoy as they learn great things. That would be very fulfilling, wouldn't it?

Your target end-users are students and educators, mine will be those who are out of school. Nevertheless, we have a common passion - to open avenues for people to learn and make positive changes for themselves and their community.

Let us follow our heart and never lose sight of our goal because there will be many who will take part of our respective dreams. God bless!

Ma. Lydia G. CallanoIloilo, Philippines+63 33 3158137 or 5138830

Greetings Ma. Lydia,

I really appreciate your encouraging words. Yes, I love the idea of a computer nook in your library as technology is the wave of the 21st century and beyond. Do you have a name for it yet? Yes we must keep active faith and envision our vision until it is a tangible manifestation. Please keep me posted on your progress.

All the best,

Dr. Kim D. Harris, Ed.D.

Dr. Kim D. Harris, Ed.D.

I have no name for the public library in my hometown yet. A good name for the project would be a good start. Yes, I will pray for a name. Thanks for the prompt.

Ma. Lydia G. CallanoIloilo, Philippines+63 33 3158137 or 5138830