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There was once upon a time a guy who knocked on my neighbor´s door. He was black like darkness, but he was dressed in white. I could not tell the color of his skin just by seeing him from behind, so i opened the door and asked him what he was doing in my neighborhood. He turned around and he looked even darker then 74 % coca chocolate! I found him to be very charming, he had a beard, and he had a white cap. At first i thought he was some outran s salesman, and it turned out that I was right. He said that he had come all the way from far far away to tell people about the true religion! I asked him why and told him that Christ has stopped knocking on peoples´doors dressed in a bag, cause he wore something that looked like a white dress to me! He could not seem to stop talking so i just shut my door and thanked him. However, my sister came out of her room, and she invited him and his friend in. I was soooo mad! They came in like some indian kings and sat down in her room. They started telling her about religion and stayed for hours. The next day they came back and the day after that and the day after! Eventually, the one of them stopped coming to my door, cause my sister was way beyond salvation for him! He claimed that those who drink wine in this world are doomed, specially if they are women! But this guy continued coming and bringing some honey to my home, something that I would not eat! It turned out that this guy had a crush on my sister but he wanted her to wear minicab until she ended up in a mental institution! This was the same guy I used to help, the same guy that used my computer, and wrote nice things about some religious freaking sects! And honestly, I threw him out! He was poor and alone, but he managed to marry a girl from a rich family, and one day he came to visit me! He told me that his wife was pregnant and he was so tired of not being able to have sex and he stared at me as if i was some kind of a whore. Then he told me. U are getting older sister! I was in a relationship then. That freak had the stomach showing up and kissing me on my cheek but no other man in the world was ever allowed to see his own wife....not without her hair being covered off coarse! And u ask me why i am tired of freaks like that! I am tired of talking to people from those areas, i have seen every holly place, I have warned u not to speak of God with me! And how many times did u call me a terrorist? Be careful of what u wish for, cause I swear it might just come true. Cause occasionally, when i disarm a bomb, i happen to cut all the lines at the same time, and u of all people should know that that is not the very best way to go about! xoxo, sweet dreams