About Me: I am a psychotherapist, performing musical artist, playwright, music therapist, kundalini yoga teach, yoga therapist, activist for the rights of women and cetaceans. Board member of the international cetacean society Research in the power of the creative process, music and the brain. Creating dialogue through drama therapy and music to express the truths of women and the relationship between men and women

My Passions: The creative process for all

My Challenges: Balancing my needs to be mother, activist, artist

My Vision for the Future: For women to be heard through their creative voice and for us to start with workd peace between the sexes..

My Areas of Expertise: Depth psychology, Music therapy, songwriting, composing, Dramatic works to express socially relevent issues

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My desire and work focuses on the need to encourage every woman in my country and the world to be brave enough to show who they truly are and how they deserve to be treated by men by telling the truth of their power to be Beautiful, Bountiful and Blissful without apology. Through my work with music and Performance and interview and experien as a healer and therapist who has worked with those who above abused, I want to use the creative process to heal. I want to hear women's storirs about not hiding their soul any longer. Please share your story on video for the music / video Project I am creating for young women everywhere. Tell me how you would like to be seen and treated. I will share the music for you to sing along wherever you are. We can sing and Vibrate the message of change to the world. We vibrate what we wish to create. Music coming this fall. Drleesa

Leesa Sklover, Ph.D, LPC, CMT, IKYTA LoveLifeProductions.net Institute for Study of Relationships drsklover@gmail.com