I am not remember the last time that I buy book from library, am just satisfied by downloading Books from the websites, and spent my time in sitting in front of my laptop, to read, I think That it is too interest to read a book, and when u are not finish u put small piece of paper to Remember your page for the next time,,,,,, globalization is not always good,it make things lost Its inside sense ,,,do u remember the last letter u wrote ??not SMS,,,but letter in a paper and Carry it to the post office ??? it looks very strange now but it was common some days later Some times I hope that days will return

nice day to u all

Dr.Sulafa Elagib

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Dr. Sulafa,

I can really relate to your post and I thank you for voicing some of my own frustrations with finding a balance in my life that is technologically saavy, as well as technology-free. For example - because of technology and web 2.0, we can discuss this together - as two women of the modern world who live thousands of miles apart. PulseWire has been a life-changing experience for me and many other women, who for the first time can make meaningful connections with women worldwide, garner support for our initiatives, feel not so alone in our activism, learn about women's issues in other parts of the world, and collaborate resources, skills, and efforts to solve issues in our own small communities and for women worldwide.

However, it's also important to foster real-time connections that are meaningful and face to face - so that we don't lose that physical relationship with those immediately around us. It's also important for me to remember to go out into god's great creation and take the beauty of the natural world - while exercising and extending the boundaries of my physical being. And receiving a hand-written letter will always be a special treat for me!

In friendship, Jade