Cast a Glance over the Fence!

Posted September 4, 2011 from Serbia

Cast a Glance over the Fence!

To be a woman in Serbia today. In 2011. In the twenty-first century. What does this mean? What is her fate, what are her expectations? Is there a future for her? Is this the society that is putting pressure on her, her family, or .......

A baby is born. A girl. The family is happy, but next time they hope to get a baby boy. She grows up in her loving family, with her parents and grandparents around her. A little princess. Maybe they can not afford the best clothes for her, or the most beautiful shoes, maybe they can not take her to the seaside in summer, but they are striving. She is the best student in her class. One of the best students in her high school. She is expected to go to university. Parents subscribe to a loan, grandparents help with pocket money....

With her diploma she is looking for a position, for a job. There is no job for her, there is no program for the employment of youth, only if your family is wealthy.... Or you can be a waitress, a shop-assistant, or naturally unemployed. Who cares! Some escape into marriage and become housewives, on duty all day. Some become self-supporting mothers and must accept whatever they are given. No help for them. The employed ones are crucified among their duties at work, at home, with children. Nobody cares, nobody understands .... With her low salary and modest life the story repeats itself.

Girls and women, open your eyes!

Feel the power you have in your body, in your minds. The boudary-lines are here to be broken.

Life is waiting for you!

You deserve the best. Do not be satisfied with the lowest salary and the lowest position in the company. You are educated and clever.

Cast a glance over the fence!

There is a new, better life for you. Join other women. The world wide web is waiting for you. Ask for help, for understanding, for advice. There are millions like you....

Serbia is multicultural. Serbia has potential, Serbia has resources. It is here for us all, not only for the chosen ones. Fight if you do not want to see your child leave home fot the better. Fight the obstacles people put in front of you, fight the restrictions imposed upon you, there is life behind the limitations of our troubled mind.

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