1. Use five adjectives to complete this sentence. My voice is emerging, frank, truthful, radical, independent.

2.I want to be a correspondent because I wish to offer my visions and my voice to the women of Serbia, as well as the whole world. My engagement in women issues will contribute to the sustainability of the women’s rights. I want to use my position of a leader to open up a space for women activists and women organizations in Serbia.

3.Honest, strong, solutions-based journalism will help my community to overcome prejudice and gender stereotypes and bring progress to the society.

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Hey Duda, You are absolutely right in saying you need to end the prejudice of people towards women.This I assure has to come with a prize,but we dont give up at any cost.Challenges are meant to sharpen our minds and aspire to endure the best for humanity. Thank you and have a good day

Lucia Buyanza Nurse-Midwife Clinical Instructor

You are very clear with your vision as a journalist.May you get the strength and courage to liberate the women of Serbia. I will be following you in your journey. Good to know Kat is your mentor and Liz is your midwife, I met both of them as Kat was my Mentor too, Liz was Sarvina's midwife and they are both wonderful people. You will achieve great through their support. Good luck in your journey.


I believe everybody has the potential to live a better life. Given the Opportunity, Education and Motivation ANYONE can become someone admirable. Nobody is a NOBODY, everybody is SOMEBODY.

Rachael told me that Kat was your Mentor , and Kat told me as well. They told me that you are wonderfull person. Thank you for your encourage. Best wishes, Dubravka

Your voice and your perception of journalism is what we need today. Specially for women that cannot raise their voice. We need women leaders. Well done.

I am looking forward to your assessments. I would love to chat with and get to know you better in the near future.

Wish you all the best in this wonderful journey.

Email me of message me if you need to discuss and brainstorm and idea.

With love Amei

thank you for your encouraging words. It would be nice to chat and know you better. It would be nice to hear your oppinion conected to my assignments.

Best wishes, Dubravka

What I wonder about the most is the way your words will like water flow to women who are parched, thirsty, and alone in a desert of rules made about them without their input. How can you help craft a more compassionate balance for humanity? Will your unique collection of stories become like a quenching river for all grateful women to drink deeply your words over and over again to gain personal strength and connection?

Naturally grateful, Kat Haber

"Know thyself." ~ Plato