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I know many people who are my age or little younger or older than me. I always see possitive things in them, but what I have thought sometimes is not always right. How can I know one person deep inside? I have some many friends and when I have done something good for them I hope that they would be happy just like me. Thing also turns upside down, it doesn't come as what I want. The result of good deed is bad sometimes.

My teacher told me to choose a friend that she or he has something good that I don't have. Is it really true that I should always find a friend like that? I couldn't think of something better than asking all of you here because I think that you all have something good that I don't have. Espescially, what is the best way to deal with friends? I love to stay with friends, but I have a hard time to understand their thinkings! Please help me to find out.

Thanks a head of time for sharing!