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Posted July 29, 2010 from United States

Just lost the blog I was here goes again. (Tunkasila's way of telling me not to be so wordy. :O) )

Our project is down to just my little work pony, a Suzuki Swift (lovingly know as the "mud bug" or "Suzi Suzuki"). It gets pretty rough on her going back and forth to Rapid and also carrying the materials we need between projects. But just as I am thinking "now what will we do", Tunkasila says "take this" and provides what we need. We may have access to another truck for the short term and hopefully, we can get it ready for a round-trip to Rapid City to pick up our new volunteers from Holland. Wopila tanka!

So did someone out there say "Hold up! I have that old 1989 -92 truck just sitting in the garage. It's in decent running condition, good brakes, tranny, tires, motor easy to work on, etc...why the heck don't I just donate it to these good people who are struggling to get and keep dependable transportation for their work. And holy smokes, my friend has a pretty nice van; and she was just telling me that if she knew of a good organization that did good deeds for others, she would love to donate it for a nice tax write-off and the added bonus that she was making a difference in the world in some way."

Well, if someone did say that, we are that non-profit agency trying to make a difference for the People of the Pine Ridge Indian agency; and yes...any vehicle donation is a tax-write off. We thank you now for your consideration. Be well, stay strong, and Wicosani to you and your loved ones.

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