Excited...yet grumpy Posted by winyanmaka07 on July 25, 2010 at 2:00 AM

How excited can I possibly get?? We have had a truck donated to us by a wonderfully generous woman from Boulder, Colorado...whooo-hooo! Probably won't be able to pick it up for a couple of weeks...possibly sooner, but isn't this the greatest news? I am so happy. AND, we got our new volunteer from Holland, Lizette and her beautiful young 11 yr. old daughter. It worked out this time that my friend, Susan Kains, Hospital Chaplain extraordinaire who lives in Rapid City was able to pick her up and bring her to Wounded Knee. Spirit is watching over this project...we are out of fuel money...arrgghhh, but see how great Spirit is?

Our greatest need right now is PEOPLE. WE are down to one and 1/2 volunteers...Lizette and her daughter. The crew who was going to come from Denver couldn't make it after all. Re-Member, a volunteer agency on the rez' has been totally unresponsive to our continuted requests for some help. They have me quite frustrated. The new director never returns my phone calls, doesn't even give me the courtesy of a return call. Then, when they respond to Jason, there is no follow through with what they say they'll do. Who have they turned in to?? When Tom was there, he appeared to love to be of service where ever he could be. I really miss his caring, open demeanor. It feels like this new guy would rather not deal with Indians if he doesn't have to; not to mention, he fired t just about the only Indian that worked there. Another quit because of his bad attitude toward our People. Someone do something about this guy please. :O How do these people get jobs on the rez?? Well, sorry for my tirade, it's is simply that we are working so hard to get these projects off the ground, and can't seem to find able bodied folk to give a little assistance. Well, I'm very tired (and obviously grumpy) so I best hit the sack.

Much thanks to my dear sister/friend Elissa Tivona for coming up and working so hard with me to write a couple of grants.