I just love happy people.  As much as I know I cannot save the whole world and make everyone happy but I just love happy people. That is why I want to focus my life on other people. To inspire them, motivate them, give them hope and show them that they are very important. For this to be successful I want to focus on kids from age 9 years upwards, young adults and low income mothers. Because they are the future generation who need our guidance, love and support more than anything. 

 The future of my Life and Career Coaching Firm is to put in place a programme where every month I make a selection of certain number of youth and low income mothers who will benefit from our services for free. This will include but not limited to Life Skills, Career Motivation, Communication Skills, Entrepreneurial Skills and Interpersonal Skills.

My aim will be to help these kids and mothers that life has not ended where they are now, but that life is a journey which must be explored and enjoyed every day.  Believing that everyday your life can change to what you want it to be, all you have to do is say I can and I want to. From my experience there is nothing greater than mental health. And when you are mentally healthy you can achieve anything.