Politics Democracy and the effect in Nigeria. (2011 election)

ebere okonta
Posted April 22, 2011 from Nigeria

Democracy in Nigeria is evolving, its a system of government that has given the voiceless a voice at least to air their views. although in this part of the world there are still alot of factors that mitigate against and downplay the success of democracy for instance one of the big issue is ethnicity problem.

we just concluded the 2011 presidential elections and was adjudged free and fair by both international observers and local monitors. it was believed that for the first time Nigerians came out en masse to vote for a leader who we wanted to take us through the next dispensation. the electorates voted for various reason some for party sentiment, others were religious leanings while the majority voted for the personalities involved.

we had several parties but four out of the lots were the major frontliners they are PDP, CPC, ACN and ANPP but the two strong contenders were the flag bearers of PDP which is GoodLuck Jonathan the incumbent president and CPC presidential candidate General Mohammed Buahari one time head of state during the military regime.

The interesting thing about this election is that the populace were highly involved in the elections, old women, illiterates, semi illiterate, literates actually voted and monitored their vote and everyone was positive that the outcome will be very impressive. indeed the outcome was fantastic, the collation of result and anouncement afterwards was a transparent process, this does not however mean that it was hitch free because a few bottlenecks were recorded.

The result were finally announced and like i mentioned earlier mitigating factors roared it ugly head, ethnicity became an issue and northern element dissented to the result announced. this led to an uprising in the north which left several people dead amongst them were youths corpers on one year service to the nation.

Its a sad one that at this point when we are suppose to be consolidating democracy, its being destroyed., but i still believe in the Nigerian dream. this is a phase it will pass.

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  • Olutosin
    Apr 23, 2011
    Apr 23, 2011

    Thanks darling for taking your time to write this....I always hate to say this but will. W are very resillient, this is a phase as you rightly said, it will pass and very very soon. We keep on praying for our Dear Nation. Thanks Darling for reflecting on this.