Challenge Stereotypes of Women With Me

What I'm Leading

Too often, media portrayals of women reinforce disempowering stereotypes. They send the message that the most important aspect of a women is her physical appearance, or that she must be passive and helpless. Women are not often portrayed as ambitious, intellectual, independent or accomplished. I am determined to change this.

By sharing women’s stories of excellence and accomplishment, my organization, the Women’s Empowerment Foundation of Southern Africa (WEFSA), is dislodging myths and challenging stereotypes by producing media that portrays the full potential of women. We also provide resources, guidance and events to help women build their skills, confidence andconnections.

We are determined to provide very woman with equal access to the opportunities she wishes to pursue, and not allow her future to be limited by harmful false stereotypes.

Who I'm Impacting

We estimate our stories will reach 10,000 people worldwide by 2019.Digital Action Campaign Narrative

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