Twins and triplets are common in my community, but giving birth to five babies at once is strange. A 23 year old lady Mercy Mokwe was going to be an icon among the female folk for bringing forth quintuplets. Mercy's fate took a twist hours later. The five babies were delivered on Tuesday December 1 at the Buea regional hospital through the natural birth method. Four of the babies who weighed less than five hundred grams died hours after they were delivered. Two ultrasounds during the second trimester of her pregnancy gave the impression that she was carrying 4 babies. When preterm labour started she was rushed to the hospital and to the astonishment of the midwife on duty Ntonifor Margaret a fifth baby came along. Given that the Buea regional hospital has inadequate equipment and staff, measures were underway for the babies to be evacuated to the Chantal Biya Foundation in Yaounde for intensive medical care. Unfortunately four of the babies died and the lone survivor is still responding to treatment. As I write to you, the population that streamed in to see the once in a lifetime happening is so disappointed. The questions are many on most lips. Was there anything that could have been done to save our quintuplets? What did the hospital authorities do in order for the babies to survive given that the ultrasounds gave the warning? Was Mercy cautioned that she could expect her babies even during the sixth month given that she was carrying multiples?