I am at a bus park where i am spending the night. I have just spent some time at my home country (Nigeria) and i am now on my way to ACCRA (GHANA). I am at a cross-roads :neither here nor there. The place that i am symbolises the state of my life at the moment. I know i have a passion for expressing myself and highlighting the plight of the vulnerable but i am some-what undecided as to how exactly i should pursue my dreams.

This is a strange feeling for me. For a while now ,i have had it all figured out but now i am not so sure.I am sure that i have a passion for making a difference but now i think i need to know exactly how. It is a tough question i know, but i will find a way and i will get there so for anybody who is at a cross-roads like i am, keep the faith and keep believing in your abilities no matter what the external depict.

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Hi efe,

It is comforting to know that I am not alone in these feelings of uncertainty. I too am a critical point in my life where I have finally realized my passion, but am uncertain of the best way to harness that passion and turn it into action that best utilizes my skills for the most far reaching effect and that makes the greater difference. I suppose at some point we must come to terms with the fact that we cannot do everything, we cannot personally solve every problem and cannot save the world alone. However, I try to remind myself that one person CAN make a difference, even if it is helping to empower just one person. It's that trickle effect... if we can help five people, think of how many will be affected when those five each help another five... Thank you for sharing your uncertainties. This journey in self discovery and discovering our purpose is meaningful in itself. And the fact that the passion is there, burning inside you, will only mean good things for you, those who meet you and our world in general. So here's to the journey! May we continue to share in its rest stops and detours.

In friendship, Jade

Dear Efe, Like what Jade said, I can also relate to the both of you. But every time I hear, the word crossroads, no matter how uncertain life is, I see a plus (+) sign that can only mean one thing: POSITIVE. We will always be lead to something good and positive knowing ourselves-- our deepest passions and what we love the most.

enjoy the journey!

hugs, katea

Poverty is man-made that we can undo.

I always think it is a good thing when we come to these crossroads since I feel it shows how much we have grown as a person so welcome that feeling. My own life has been changing rapidly, it seems, where in the space of a couple of years my circumstances have changed and going for my dreams seems possible once more and it helps to get that feeling since I think we don't always allow ourselves the right to change. I mean change the good things in our life, not the negative.

It is important to allow ourselves to change though, where maybe before you wanted to do it one way then you hear of another way and begin to like it more then your current way. We need to tell ourselves it is not a betrayal of sorts against what we believe but expanding ourselves.

I think this helps show us all that what we are trying for is working!

We all came here wanting to help other woman and find we are also helping to change ourselves too. Such a wonderful feeling.


Sometimes we may be limiting ourselves by thinking that change from our plans due to external circumstances may be negative but who can tell where that road will lead? the betrayal comes about when we give up on our dreams