Posted September 1, 2010 from Nigeria

Fighting for the rights of people who are being oppressed and cannot defend themselves is important, especially for those who are privileged enough not to be oppressed! It took the fights of others for us to enjoy the free we do. There is a need to make a difference not doing anything is not going to achieve a thing but advocacy and education could increase knowledge and take others a step closer to freedom. When we reflect on the fact that there was a time women were not allowed the right to make decisions concerning themselves, vote or hold political offices, then we can begin to appreciate the importance of advocacy. A stick of broom cannot sweep it takes only a bunch to sweep but various sticks make up a bunch. Individually if we begin to speak out and advocate for our needs we will then make up a bunch, no one is insignificant, we can make a difference at our individual levels, the important thing is taking the first step.

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  • Andrea Bailey
    Sep 01, 2010
    Sep 01, 2010

    Effanga, thank you for your post! You make a very true point arguing that all of us owe our freedoms (as women, as citizens, as people) to those who had the courage to stand up for them before us. Time to do some sweeping for the ones coming up next! Andrea

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