There are a lot of challenges and barriers to creating change in my community. The following facts are causing in my community which are conflicts between elder and youth: the misunderstanding between youth and elder like the elder one does not resign from their place and didn’t want youth to get their sit. And also youth didn’t listen what the elder said they told the elder thinking are antique and also did not have enough budget to buy needs for community and cannot help poor people though we want to because of didn’t have money. And also have a little bit problem of gender equality; most people in my community didn’t want to allow the women to take the leader place, and discrimination happens too. As for me, to overcome them I pray God first and I believe that God will show me the right way to solve the problems. And I tell the elder to help me for overcome the problem because of asking those help they become warmly with us and make friends with everybody and reduce discrimination by that way. And also because of helping YWCA in Pathein as volunteer teacher I promote the right of women if I can and warmly welcome to everyone. I hope that I will get solutions from my friends all over the world by using online to solve the problems. My purpose of using Pulse Wire is to get information, knowledge and get on well with friends from all over the world and solving problems together. Because I know that I can’t work only to change my community. I believe that all of my friends with help me by praying, giving advices, and solving problems with me together.

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Dear Eh Tha

Yes, that is a common problem in India also, especially in politics. The senior ministers, even when they are above 70, do not want to retire which limits space for young members.

I am happy you started working at such a young age and I am sure you will achieve a lot in coming years with your experience and skills.

Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe

Yes, I agree with you and what Stella Paul wrote. This seems to be a common problem in many places. How great that you are naming it and trying to do something about it. Many blessings on your path! Lisa

How inspiring that Myanmar has a young woman like yourself who is so full of empathy and of energy to change the terrible disadvantages women face. You will find a ggod home in Pulsewire, I think, for your concerns. Go for it!

Dear Eh Tha Khu:

I was really inspired to read your stories, both in your week 1 post and here. I am very interested in Mo Kwah Poe Si, the society that helps women in your home village. It seems to me that you have had powerful and strong women to support you - your mother and your teacher - and now you are in turn modelling the same thing for the women in the YWCA program through your volunteer teaching. I salute your determination and hard work! You have identified some problems - lack of elders' respect for youth and of youth respect for elders, lack of money for projects - and some solutions - sharing, making friends, volunteering to help others, working together in the community to make things better for others. It seems that your mother has found ways to work within these challenges, using these kind of solutions. How did she do this? What challenges did she face? How did she overcome them? I am afraid I don't know much about life in Myanmar (Burma) but I do know that many communities in northern Canada, where I lived for a long time, had similar difficulties between elders and youth. The youth felt that the elders did not understand their problems; the elders did not understand why youth did not ask their advice. Some young people saw the power of finding a way to help the two groups communicate and began creating a series of plays, based on the stories of elders, that they put on in schools. This helped young people see that their elders' experiences had something to teach them as well, and also helped the elders to understand the problems the young people faced. In many places around the world, small groups of actors are developing plays that they put on in public places as a way to encourage dialogue. Sometimes those are about issues like HIV/AIDS, sometimes (like one I saw recently in Zimbabwe, about the clearances of slumdwellers) they are more explicitly political, which may not be possible in some places. But it seems that the power of storytelling, and of drama, can help make links between elders and youth and help build a determination to find community solutions to problems. You are a wonderful young woman and I wish you all the very best in your studies and your volunteer work. And I also salute your mother and your teacher, who both sound like wonderful women. Kindest regards, Rosemary

Thank you very much for your words. Mo Kwah Poe Si is my mom's work, its for women and children. It is very difficult work. And now my mom help the young girl, only 15 years old and she work as housekeeper in the rich woman house but unfortunately the house was burned and her legs, her arms and her body are burned by fire, and her host told that she made it and wanted her to go in jail. But my mom and community help the girl as they can. The girl is now in the clinic. I hope that you will pray for it, my mom faced with a lot of case like that which are happened in women. Last night I went to the clinic and met with that young girl and we talked. She's so cute but she is now in trail. She got a little nervous because her host are the rich one and she was the orphan and adopted by her uncle. Wish you pray for my mom and this girl.

Eh Tha Khu

Dear Eh Tha Khu:

Yes, I will pray for that young girl in the clinic that your mother is helping and that you visited. Such a sad story about the fire. It is wonderful that your mother is helping her, especially when she has no parents to help her. I hope that she will be able to recover from the burns and that the situation will be solved so she does not have to go to jail because of the fire.

Best regards, Rosemary

Dear RosemaryC,

Please pray for her not to go to the jail, even though she doesn't have money some people want to get money from because they told that the fire started because of her. I really thank you and I am so sorry that I can't reply you as soon as you write to me because I went to some village to teach English so I didn't use internet for a long time.

Best Wishes, Eh Tha Khu

Dear Eh Tha Khu:

I have been thinking about this young girl and how your mother has been helping her. Her story touched my heart, just as it touches my heart that your mother takes such care for so many young women who don't have someone to speak for them. Yes, I will pray for her that she recovers from her burns and that she doesn't go to jail. Is there anything else we can do to help her? I don't have much money so I can't help in that way but maybe you can think of some other ways I could help.

Best wishes, Rosemary

Although you may face many challenges, it sounds as though you are a strong woman with the ability to not only outlast many obstacles, but also to be the creator of change.

All the best, Caitlin