Since no one has said it, let me speak for myself.

2007 was a very difficult year for Sabaot women and girls of Mt. Elgon District, Western province in Kenya. some women called to let me know of their situation. as a woman, i planned for a field visit on my way home. since i was not a prominent person, but a humble servant, no one noticed my presence....but the women and children did. I paid courtesy call to local administration and local organizations on the ground in Kapsokwony, kopsiro and cheptais. with women's stories of insecurity, rape, homelessness, lack of food, lack of shelter and widowhood...i shed my tears. I cried because these were women in a patriarchal community, experiencing the brutality of the sabaot land defense force and the military, dared not to say, or even call for help lest they be seen and heard as betrayers.with the burden, i went to my boss to share the experience. He adamantly refused and said the mountain people do not need food or support. i stubbornly went back to him, but he refused. i made an attempt to look for an alternative...i had to share the story with our partners and friends. the tears, pains and frustrations of the women and children strengthened me. after weeks of proposal writing, reporting and emailing, i eventually got the Danish government support. they funded food and non-food items for the women. that was the first relief support in Mount elgon. Months later, our partners agreed to do a survey and later partnered with us and Mountain communities. this assured women food on the table for the next one year. and because i spoke for the women, i acted on their behalf, and was there though not respected, i wiped their tears, stood with, and God opened ways for food, shelter, clothing, rehabilitation, mosquitoe nets just to mention a few. I encourage all of us always to see what others cant see, be ready to lead the way, and be willing to risk for the sake of our weak sisters and children. I am grateful that i became what i was in 2007, and did the little i could, but more importantly spoke on behalf of the women, even when i had no big position in the community.

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I am grateful that as the tears on the mountain rolled, the little voice that reached me caused ripples that led to knowledge of the existential realities of the mountain women and girls. the ripples went round and danish, USA, RCEA communities gave food, visited, gave shelter, comforted, and helped rebuilt the lives of the internally displaced persons in Mount Elgon

EK Chemorion