Maria was born in a small village in mount Elgon, Kenya in a polygamous home. her father was married to four wives and she was the first born in the family of six, and the 9th born in the family of 29. In 2012, her aged dad fell sick. her brothers could not listen to her neither could they involve her in the meetings held every now an then her brothers to take the sick old man to hospital. In the month of July 2012, her father became so sick that one clergy called them to take the old man for treatment. in her brother's high profile meetings, the brothers who met had planned to take their father to hospital, and collude with hospital administration and the doctors so that they create a reason for her father to be taken to hospital theater for surgery, so that they could terminate his life.the main reason was to have their father dead so that they can inherit the 60 acre piece of land.

one day, she visited her sick dad, and at the hospital be, she asked her dad what she could do to help. in pain, the dad said that her brothers were taking care of the situation and that they needed money to offset the bill.four month down the line, Maria's father condition was worsening by day. she asked her husband to send some money to the hospital and even so, the go slow by doctors left her dad with four big wounds on one leg, swollen body, and untold pain.

on the 1st day of December, Maria cried the whole morning. at about midday, she resolved-crying will not help my dying dad. she asked her colleague in another health facility to help her since the brothers did not want her to visit. with clear instruction, maria's colleague visited the hospital administration where her dad had been hospitalized for four months with no sign of healing. When the hospital administration saw maria's colleague, they did not know the connection between maria and him, but panicked because they knew him very well. He asked to see the patient and after discussing with the administrator, he was informed that one of the sons detained the old man in the hospital, colluded with one of the clinicians who pretended to treated him with what was later discovered to be sleeping pills and pain killers(piriton and paracetamol)on asking why he was still in the hospital, with the room stinking and therefore septic wounds, the administrator said that is what the sons wanted. he asked for immediate transfer as advised by maria. on consulting with maria who disguised as another doctor, the administrator released her father immediately and asked the sons to come and take him to another facility for they feared legal action.

As i write this story, maria's father is healing. three wounds are completely heal, and one small one is likely to heal before the end of April 2013. Maria has been getting friends to support her pay her father's hospital bill and since December last year, the sons have not visited the sick dad in hospital. as one who works in the hospital, she could not wish her father to die un attended to, and uncared for, at any cost.

one thing that is clear on her mind, her dad needs to die a dignified death. she respects the sanctity of life and therefore feel her dad needs to live as long as God can allow him. in doing this, she has made many enemies....her life is in danger.but her joy is...God wanted her to act to change her father's condition, and to transform the mindset of the evil brothers... Let us join Maria in praying for her sick dad, and at the same time supporting her through this tough mission. she needs our community.

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I am so sad to know that money is thicker than blood in this case. Greed has overpowered the love for family. I feel for Maria and her father. I believe that Jesus will vindicate both of them and punish the brothers in His own time and ways. Nevertheless, all those who have hear Maria's story must come to the Lord and pray.

Thanks for the call for help on Maria's behalf, Chemorion. God less you as well.

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This is such a sad case to hear about. I wonder how common it is for situations like this to occur? I admire Maria's determination despite being cast to the side because she is a woman, thank you so much for sharing this story. I hope to hear of her father's speedy recovery.

Thoughts and love to Maria,