"Se non ora quando" movement
  • "Se non ora quando" movement
  • "Se non ora quando" movement

Web 2.0 connects people around the globe. Web 2.0 is now a reality and keeps people in contact, establishing connections worldwide. It’s a three-step easy process: to get an idea, to make it become real, and to spread it everywhere. It’s a multifaceted tool. It’s not just making our ideas reaching as many people as possible, it’s more building such connections using facts, feelings, words, pictures, sounds, and anything we consider worth it. It’s such a toll we can use in many ways, obtaining really interesting results. Italian women, for instance, created a movement “Se non ora quando” (If not now, when) in response to Italian Prime Minister’s sex scandals. That was in order to raise women’s voices, connecting with as many women as possible. The aim was creating a big movement against sexist ways of thinking by both politics and media. Italian women used Web 2.0 such as blog, facebook, and twitter to connect with each other and to reach many people. In this case Web 2.0 offered a very useful platform to spread women’s voices and make people in different places aware of sexist issues in Italy. Web 2.0 can be easily considered as the easiest way to empower ideas, such as women’s movements, and to give them the big possibility to become great realities. While in the past movements had to struggle to become well known and powerful, in Web 2.0 era this becomes much easier and instantaneous. As a journalist I do believe that Web 2.0 is the most powerful tool to deal with our multifaceted, multicultural, and ever-changing society. Web 2.0 is the easiest and most efficient way to look for news, new movements, people to interview. Thanks to Web 2.0 I can reach people everywhere and know what’s going on around the globe. As a women I can use this tool looking for other women’s stories, their movements, communicate with them to empower my ideas and asking them for help in order to make my ideas become real.

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Hi elenaroda,

Congratulations on a very nice piece! I was particularly impressed by the way you used examples, like 'Se non ora quando'. I would have liked to read more about the details of how web 2.0 will empower/empowered you - for example, any specific articles that you have written with the support of the web etc.

A very interesting assignment - keep up the good work!

Gaurav Nakhare | WP Listener

Ciao Elenaroda!

I appreciate the insight of how Italian women mobilized their VOICES against the sexist mentality and actions against women by politicians via social media. Silent no more! Women are not sex objects but BEAUTIFUL, INTELLIGENT and POWERFUL . It is time to lead the revolution of WoMen in Italy and you've taken the first step. BRAVO!

Love to hear more about your personal experience with how you deal with the ongoing sexist behavior and mentality both in your work and personal environments. I am curious what kind of legal rights women have in the work place if they are sexually harassed or abused? It is never easy for women to speak up against their employer or acquaintance or even a stranger without it being suggested they dressed too sexy or it was consensual, therefore, not a crime.

Keep up the effort to give VOICE for women rights and legal options to protect all women to work and live in a safe environment.

With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando

Thanks Linda!

In my third post that I've just published in my journal I wrote more about problems that Italian women are facing everyday in looking for a job, in being a working mum, and in being considered only as a sex tool in TV programs and commercials. Unfortunately, Italy is getting worse rather than getting better... If you are interested and you can read Italian I suggest you to take a look at this platforms http://www.ilcorpodelledonne.net/, www.pariodispare.org/, geniodonna.it It's really difficult to live in a country where sexual discrimination is everywhere in society, politics, and media... Right now I am living abroad, trying to learn about other countries' ways of thinking, solutions, and so on to try to implement them in my community. It's a hard work but I'm pretty sure new generations really want to be part of this change. I am not actually into legal rights about harassement and abusing in work places but I'll try to find some info for you.

Thank you very much!

Most of us are aware of the sexism in Italy but to understand how it FEELS to live in such a culture must come from the inside and I'm grateful to your writing for educating me. I'm looking forward to learning more about 'Se non ora quando' and what effect it is having on the women involved and in the culture. Thanks!