orphans living in a poetry farm cuz of lack of accomodation
orphans living in a poetry farm cuz of lack of accomodation: poetry farm playground
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oh my i visited 2 orphanages today and i was very touched. people this children need help can u imagine one of the two is havx accomodation problems and now they live in a poetry farm. pls lets do something to help. lets put our hand together and do something. there is also an emergency an elderly woman is living in a hurt with a liking tash roof that is almost falling on her and sleeping on the floor with 3 grand children left her by her mad late daughter. they were actually 6 but 3 are in an orphanage. pls who can help with a mettras or a bed. for the love of God pls join me to give her at least a bed to sleep on. the bible says wht u do to this ones u lend unto me. i write this with tears running don my eyes help pls help this orphans and this elderly and God will surly bless u. thanks

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