How I used technology to achieve my goals

Eliana Yarian
Posted August 12, 2014 from United States
Installing Solar Energy at the Premametta School
Installing Solar Energy at the Premametta School
Installing Solar Energy at the Premametta School (1/5)

For the financing of my volunteer work in India, in the Premametta School in Bodhgaya, I have used my blog. Five years ago I created a travel blog : and every day I published something and through it I was able to get many loyal readers. After I started volunteering with the Premametta School in Bodhgaya, I started using it as a way to show my readers the work I am doing there and to ask friends for financial help. I also use Facebook and through these two mediums I have been able to get the financial help I need for the school. The first thing we purchased was a computer; a friend of mine helped me with that. After that, the school desperately needed a bathroom for the children, then I wrote this post:, and in a short period of time we were able to build the bathroom. One of our students has a severe case of elephantiasis in her right foot. We decided to buy a special bike for her so she would not have to walk 5 kilometers every day to come to classes. And in about a month a few friends financed the bike for her. In this post you can see the bike that we gave it to her without any cost to her family:

We also decided to build two more classes in the school, buy three more sewing machines, buy a solar panel, and get electricity for the school. All the improvements done in the school were only possible with the help of the donations that I got through my blog:

Therefore technology has enabled me to do many improvements in the school. Now the children have a much more comfortable environment in which they can learn and develop their skills.

But there is still a lot more to be done. My next goals are: to buy books for the children. Nowadays the teachers have to write everything on the blackboard, which takes a very long time. The children can benefit a lot if they have the books to study. The children also need proper school chairs because right now they all sit on the floor. We have 12 computers which were donated but we can’t afford to pay the internet connection. I also want to buy many more pedagogical games. I brought some from France but they can develop a lot faster and in a much more fun way using pedagogical tools.

Some time ago, we did a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and we got donations from all over the world. I got a donation from Singapore and many other remote places where I did not know anyone. The funds received from this campaign helped us do a lot of improvements in the school and this was only possible with the power of the internet.

A few months ago, through the World Pulse website, I met an African woman who is very proud of her country – The Democratic Republic of Congo and I asked her if she needed my help. As I depend mostly on my blog to get the funding for my school, I helped her create a blog for her school. And through her blog she is getting help to develop her school. The same company that donated laptops to my school is going to ship to her a few laptops also. Technology is helping us connect people and resources so we can help each other. As much as I can I am willing to help her because together we can go further. Even though we are worlds apart, we are both working for the future of our children. Because every single child deserves a better future and technology is helping us achieve this goal.

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