A man in his fifties lived in a poor house with his wife and blind mother. Every day he went to work on the fields. Before going to work, he stopped on a hill and prayed to God, thanking him for what he has. One day after his morning prayer, God spoke to him: "You are such a devote man, so I give you the chance to express ONE wish. You have 3 days time to think about it. In 3 days we will meet here again." The man was so surprised and happy about that and thanked God for this opportunity. He worked the whole day on the fields and in the evening he returned home to his wife and mother. During the dinner he told the two women about the encounter he had with God on the mountain and about the chance He gave him. The women started to argue about what would be the best to ask for. His wife suggested he should ask for having a baby because it's been years that they tried to have one but never succeeded. His mother on the other hand wanted to get back her sight. So the two women began a lively discussion on which argument was the best. They shouted at each other and quarreled. The man understood both points of view but he did not feel like taking the part of his wife or his mother. On the other hand, as discussions went on between the two women, he knew he soon would have had to take part. So he decided to leave the house and visit his old friend in the nearby village. When he came there it was late evening. His friend invited him in. So the man told him, what happened during the day and explained that he did not want to offend neither his wife nor his mother. His friend, known for being a wise man, told him, to take his time and relax. He offered him hospitality for as long as he needed it. So the man went to sleep. During the day he went to work and in the evening he sat outside with his friend talking. The days passed. The man started becoming nervous because he had not yet found a solution to his dilemma. His friend said:"Don't worry about it now. When it is time, I am sure you will find the right solution for yourself!" So the man went to sleep. The next day he woke up early and got ready. It was the big day. He felt fresh and relaxed and began his walk to the mountain. During his journey he got a brilliant idea. When he reached the mountain, God appeared to him and asked him:"Did you find the time to think about your wish?" The man replied: " Yes, I would like my blind mother to see my newborn son eating what I grow." God smiled at him and said: "Your wish is my command!"

Actually, I wanted to add this anecdote to my assignment but there was not enough space left for it. I think this little story shows, that nothing is impossible if we only find the time and inner peace to think about the issues from another point of view. I think it is a valuable and worthy approach in many situations in life that can help to solve conflicts in a constructive and positive way for all the parts involved.

Thank you to everybody for your friendship, suggestions and encouraging comments. Peace to you Eliana

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It's 5:30 am here, and I am sitting down with a cup of tea, and reading some of the posts. So much to read. It always makes me laugh how right before the assignment deadlines, so many stories start flowing in!! Thank you for sending in this story. You started my day in a positive way!!


Thank you, Noreen, I am glad that I brought a little bit of positivity into the day. It came to my mind after I sent in my assignment. Thoughts kept on flowing and I felt I forgot to say many things I wished to. But I still have the journal. So I posted the tale there in hope that it can bring courage to all of us while waiting. No matter how it goes, we all did a wonderful job on our assignements and that's what matters. I read through some of the posts too yesterday night and I found them really interesting, positive and a personal enrichment. But there are really many of them and so it's difficult to read them all. Your assignements are always a personal enrichment for me and I hope that even afterwards I will have the chance to read more of you and to keep in touch. Thank you for your friendship, before, during and even after VOF! I am blessed I found a special woman like you here at Worldpulse. Peace to you and good start into the new day Eliana



VOF is just a part of being part of World Pulse, and although I want so much to make it to the end, even if I don't, I will still be sending in my thoughts here. It's a place where I can write things that I am not writing in my regular newspaper articles, and besides that, I really enjoy it. Hearing stories of women all over the world, and about subjects that are completely new to me, is so educational. I have enjoyed being in touch with you, and YES, we will continue to write to each other!

In friendship, Noreen

I have been silent for about more than 10 years. I wasn't able to write anymore because I lacked of inspiration and felt I had nothing to say. VOF was a good occasion for me to start writing again. I never thought it possible. Of course I will try to write more, if not journal entries, email because it's easier for me. I will surely tell you what is going on in my future and every-day-life. By the way: what do you think are the main hurdles to jump for Israeli and Palestinians, in order to start a talk about peace? Do you think it's a matter of politics or is there something different behind? What would you, as a woman, suggest to start a talk for peace? I know so little about your country or better, I know only what comes through to my country throughout the media. Thank you. Peace to you and your family Eliana


Eliana, Thank you for this wonderful tale. It is encouraging and it shows that everything is possible and that patience when exercised brings so much not just one wish.

Rudzanimbilu Muthambi

Rudzanibilu, thank you for the comment on the tale. I thought it was the right moment to put it into my journal. It is encouraging and shows that with a little bit of patience we can do a lot and reach our goals, even the ones we thought we would never reach. Nothing is impossible, if we only believe in ourself and have faith in God and patience. Peace to you Eliana