Women and children are our future. As a woman, mother and child of mother earth my wishes for myself, my community and the whole world are:

  • Equal treatment in private, social and professional area for everybody, without distinction of color, religion, gender, social background and profession.
  • Literacy for everybody and equal opportunities and access to attend school and develop personally and professionally
  • Respect for all human beings and living creatures because we are all children of this planet
  • Peace, harmony and love in all families
  • Respect of human rights
  • Free access to clean water
  • Free sanitary and medical assistance
  • Equal access to natural and economic resources
  • Abolishing of forced labor, child labor, modern slavery and human trafficking, and exploitation of work forces by multinational enterprises or local governments
  • Freedom of expression in literature, arts and every-day-life
  • Fairness in all relationships and interactions
  • Training opportunities for women and girls
  • Freedom of movement
  • Empowerment of women and girls
  • Active and participatory approach of community based or social issues
  • Sustain of women’s work through microfinance
  • Letting women play a more active and participatory role in every society

I would like to be a Voices of the Future correspondent because I think these are common wishes to all women around the globe. I am not able to fulfill all these wishes on my own but, if we all work together at these issues we can make it. My aim is to raise awareness of our common grounds and build bridges and bonda between women and communities all over the world to share our experiences, approaches and projects and be able to find solutions to those themes that affect us and our communities most. To do that a platform to raise the voice is needed to be heard and to make other women know that they are not alone. I want to learn from other women and share with others my personal and professional experiences I gained until now.

I have many projects and ideas for a better world. Here are some:



  • Starting partnerships between schools on different geographical areas and giving children the chance to know each other and gain firsthand experience. This creates understanding and abolishes stereotypes and prejudices towards what is unknown. In a second step there could be an exchange of the students so that they can visit each other and be part of a different culture for a time. The exchange could be also used for the teachers in order to share experiences and approaches and confront themselves with different realities in order to grow personally and professionally and learn from each other. This is what I would call a real school reform.
  • Theater plays on themes of women’s interest represent an alternative way of expression. This represents a safe environment in which to show situations from the female point of view and propose solutions. In my eyes it is a powerful way to create common ground of discussion within societies and can bring a change into what is considered to be a stagnant situation. I like creativity and spontaneous acting because it gives freedom and empowers women to be what they are or what they want to be. It gives everyone the space to be!
  • What I would like most is to meet all the wonderful, active and engaged women in person and talk to them to set up a lasting relationship of sharing and exchanging experiences and having the chance of putting up a project together to end gender based inequality and violence.

    Changes start in my little: at home, in my community and in the interaction with others every day. Peace, harmony and understanding are the seed I planted in myself and my son. Now, I feel my plant has to grow and so it is time to spread the seeds to a wider destination. We need to gain visibility. A single woman can make a little difference but many of us can move the world! I am an idealist and I am proud of it. Pessimist never changed the world for the better.

    Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Vision.

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    Hi Eliana,

    So many nice, positive thoughts. Unfortunately we have such a long way to go. But me and you are thinking along the same lines (as I said in my article)..........women and children! It can be done, but it should begin at the small level - at home, as you said, and then branch out from there. I hope one day we will see all your points become a reality. I think all of us women here have a lot of energy and together we can make a change.


    Hi Noreen, thank you for taking your time to read through my assignment. Well, it is a "wish-list" and I am sure if everyone of us starts in its little: at home to practice some small things we can start to think about bigger issues. We will not change the world over night but every day we can put into action the good that is in ourselves to create a peaceful and harmonious environment within our family where our children can grow and experience that peace and harmony are possible. And when they grow and spread out there wings and fly they will take this positive message with them and spread it out to the world. Thank you for your friendship and comments. You are a real inspiration to me and I am blessed to have you as a friend Have a nice and positive day Peace to you and your family Eliana


    Dear Ariniaina, thank you for your support and encouraging comment. I know that working all together on these issues we can make a difference. And I think you in your country are doing good job. So keep on. Thank you Eliana


    Dear Eliana,

    Bridging bridges and bonds among women in the service of all the wonderful goals you outlined above is a FANTASTIC thing to shoot for! I wish you the best of luck in achieving everything that you set out to do! I stand with you in your call "I am an idealist and proud of it" - I echo that sentiment, and send you a virtual burst of support!

    All the best, Marissa

    Dear Marissa, Thank you for your encouraging and inspiring comment. Well, there is a lot to do to achieve the goals I listed but together and step by step we will make a difference starting from the little to the big. We are many and mainly we share similar ideals and goals. Thank you for the support. I really appreciate very much and I send you a virtual hug Peace to you ELiana


    Dear Eliana

    You are very clear on how you want to see the world. I enjoyed reading your post, and your very interesting wishlist. I hope that all you have written comes true.

    Best wishes Khushbu

    Khushbu Agrawal

    Dear Khushbu, thank you for your time to read through my journal. I really appreciate your comment and I hope too one day this will not only remain a wishlist but some of the key-issues become true. Thank you. Have a nice weekend Peace to you ELiana


    Hi Eliana!

    I LOVE your inspiration, determination and idealism! Absolutely count me in, really if your project ideas take form and you need a UK link :) The schools work is so important, there is a project in Bradford (a relatively deprived and segregated city in the North of England) called the Schools Linking Network which I was lucky enough to be involved in for a short time which does just this, they link schools in order to start to overcome religious, ethnic and class divides and I always thought how brilliant it would be if this could happen on a global scale, it could begin with a sponsorship programme for girls to participate perhaps...

    Also another campaign that I think is wonderful is Women for Women international, on international women's day they mark it visibly and courageously by having women meeting on significant bridges all around the world, symbolic of women building the bridges for peace, these kinds of movements can only grow...

    Thank you for your post, I am feeling newly inspired Best Tina

    Dear Tina, Thank you very much for your comment on my journal. I was really fascinated and glad that someone is actively interested and already involved in such kind of projects. It's inspiring for me. I know a little bit about the city of Bradford in the UK but I never had the chance to visit it myself even if I have spent quite a time in the UK. I think it's wonderful idea and it could be a starting point. We all have to start at one point and then things will develop in the direction they are supposed to. I would really enjoy and like to hear more about your projects and work and set up a lively exchange and friendship because your ideas are really valuable and together we can make a difference but alone there is little chance for change. Thank you for your support and sharing of your experience. I appreciate this truely and honestly from the bottom of my heart. I am also very interested in the action related to "Women for Women international". I heard little about it and would like to know more about it because it seems interesting idea. Hope to read from you again. Peace to you Eliana


    Dear Eliana,

    Your post is so great and full of inspiring thoughts, i really enjoyed reading it. Step by step we can reach and fulfil all the above wishes if join hands. We have got almost the same wishes, keep it up ma dear.

    Peace and love, Maryan

    Thank you, Maryan, your comments are always inspiration to me and encouragement. I know that if we put our hands together we can reach many of the wishes and goals because only together we are powerful and we share the same thoughts and wishes for ourselves and our children. Peace to you Eliana