We have heard so many church stories around the city, but l won’t forget a church in my community. This church is located by the main road. I have seen three accidents occurring at this church, damaging its fence.
I will never forget the last accident, which damaged both the fence and the passengers in the motor vehicle. Ambulances and fire fighters were called to stop the fire from the gutted car. Although no one died, questions have arisen as to why the church is targeted. Some people think that it could be because of its location.
This church is located near a sports club, where people from all corners of the city come and enjoy, eating roasted beef and dancing to music of all types except gospel. Commuter operators also use this road when ferrying people to and fro town.
If l was a town planner, l would advise the municipality to relocate all churches to sections of the town that are not congested. This move will help reduce unnecessary accidents to the community churches.