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Living in a patriarchal society we face a lot of gender based discrimination in our community. One of the fields where people are discriminated according to their gender identity in Armenia is Football. 

In order to support women football and the interest of young girls in playing football, WRCA took the inititative to organize football classes for adolescent girls within Girls' talk: mental and psychological well being program. And here we go. 

Recently WRCA had an honor to get to know FARE network on behalf of Football people and the amazing work they do (farenet.com).

An amazing inititative of theirs is going on right now: Football People action weeks 08-22 October, 2015.

The Football people action weeks unite supporters, players, clubs, ethnic minorities, LGBT groups and activists to combat discrimination in football and to celebrate diversity in the game.

The Football People weeks are the biggest campaign against discrimination and for social inclusion  in European football. In 2014 over 2000 activities and events took place in 56 countries. 

Although we are not directly participating in FARE Action Weeks 2015, we took a shot during our football class to celebrate and express our solidarity and support to Football People.

We do appreciate what you do and celebrate the impact you have in creating opportunities to play football and get involved for various groups.  We are with you in action and in the spirit! (www.farenet.org

@farenet ‪#‎footballpeople‬ ‪#‎FP2015‬

#WRCA #GirlPower #empowerment #football




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Thanks for bringing awareness to this campaign! This is an important initiative within football culture, and I am definitely going to share it with my friends who are both passionate about football and social justice at the same time :) 

It's also a great picture of your group-- thanks for sharing!

Warm wishes,