I really don't like to think about my pregnancy. it was a hard time for me. thanks GOD that it is over. now i have my son Hamza and i am really happy every time look at his face..

I was dismissed from my work at the factory which i helped in starting its operation because that the law doesn't protect the employees in the private sector in Egypt. Any owner can dismiss any employee any time he wants. the employee can not recover his rights.

I stayed the first four months at hospital because continual vomiting which we could not stop it by any medicine. i lost about 13 kgs in 3 months. could not eat almost anything. i depended on intravenous fluids. then the potassium level in my blood fall to dangerous levels which have side effects on all my muscles - i was using the wheelchair to move as my legs could't lift me- and on my heartbeats so my doctors took a final decision to transfer me to intensive care unit or they would make abortion which i and my husband Ibrahim refused it. they ordered to transfer potassium to a major vein in my neck, as the veins in my hands almost burned from the huge amount of potassium injected to me.

To be continued as i have to go now

Good bye :)

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