I'll never forget that day when a women entered to my workplace and she took my hand and try to kiss , but I strongly dragged my hands from her hands she is a woman in the age of forty and the effects of fatigue and poverty are clear on her face . I tried to remember her face , but I cant and after she drank a little tea, she told me "you registered my name in a session of learning on the computer and paid my the cost about before a year , in that time I knocked your house to ask some money ... I was have trained and just today I received my first salary after I worked in a library and, I bought for my Four children, orphans clothing and good food, I become a real and respect mother just today thank you "

I have great feeling happy that I helped a widow and I decided go to one of the humanitarian organizations to get address of other widow to assistance her….. and there a employee gave me a list of names and addresses of hundreds of widows and orphans, I knew that there were many widows in my town, but I did not expect so many Which surprised me and confirmed that I was unable to provide anything , that faded my feeling happy because I helped only one woman and the reality much harsher than I thought.

…… and I'm not able to do anything , there are thousands of children orphaned in my cities and the millions in Iraq needs a great help and we need to government regulations to ensure the needs of the necessities of life to them Before we lost them because they lost their parents in acts of violence in Iraq The government should give great importance to the care of widows and orphans and establishment of institutions for the care, support and rehabilitation in economic and educational because the neglect them it will be like a time bomb planted in the community.

We need to put responsible policy to Treatment this rapidly.

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Widows are orphans or so easily forgotten, where they lack precedence leaving them faded in any policy making. Every 2.2 seconds a child becomes an orphan leading a need for us to start taking more drastic action. Thanks for placing value on this and posting this entry. Your efforts are going to touch much more than just that woman's life. Thanks!

Yes, we all should bring a policy that can help the widows. They are overlooked by our society and I would like yo thank you for raising this important issue.

keep writing Pooza

Thank you for sharing your story, for being true to your experience. The high of helping, the low of realizing how great the need is. The overwhelming need does not take away from the good work you did and do, and the important work of raising your voice to call attention to the needs of those who are not being heard in the world. We do have to call for greater assistance on a larger scale, to deal with the overwhelming numbers. Your voice is one of those, asking for help on their behalf. Keep writing/asking/shouting!



i will continue write and I call and cry against all responsible for the rights of the poor of the community, but we need substantial support to achieve something..........support national and international