Hello, my story might not seem like a miracle, but not so I'll leave count, my name is Emanuela da Silva, Brazilian, graduated in journalism, black. I live in a city in southern Brazil, Latin America I have 33 years although formed not me I have identified with the factual of anti-democratic essays. Tastes of social causes humanists believe that is my mission tell stories through the words of others. In addition to writing on my blog also singing in the choir of the University. When I found the World Pulse on twitter my angustia went knowing that has other people who believe in humanity and equality as I do. I believe in the power of communication so I guess that United we can make a difference regardless of nationality. Social problems are treated in a manner that I do not accept secondary, nodes of communication should be the voice of the silenced, maybe that's why I have some difficulty in working in the area and follow the rules capitalists. I saw this opportunity my desire takes place is what really got me to be specialized. I do not know would call miracle, but quite sure something special posted by force majeure which make me move forward in adversity. I studied in college public life, my parents always worked hard to give the necessary within the conditions that we had. I managed to get into the region's only private University and to pay the fees I became researcher by integrating a group within the same joined in coral and handbags that have conquered paid my graduation. I graduate in cibermidia deals with social media and English course universally for trying to communicate. Unfortunately the journalist profession this corrupted by some favoritism local media employs professionals most indicated by politicians. This situation is a reflection of world pity people forget the ethical values of the profession of at in exchange for financial favors. Obvious that we cannot generalize always there are people able to face this cartel that hinder the free manifestation of expression. Who knows the subject miracle this edition comova the hearts and minds of those in power of communication vehicles and thus changes ethics including moral values. Interested in selling the news today and not count the facts expose the details without hiding the Act of communicating responsibilities should be informative and enlightening i.e. narrate the truth.

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I thought your entry was very interesting and it offers a very nice insight on what is happening currently in the world with "freedom of press" that has stemmed from the issues in Egypt and the Middle East. Sometimes people forget that in Latin American countries, these issues are also present. And I admire your determination to go to college and finance it yourself. You're amazing! And I can't wait to read more of your entries! :-)

"I embrace emerging experience. I am a butterfly. Not a butterfly collector." - Stafford

Dear Emanuela,

Hello! Thank you for sharing your story. I value your voice and uncompromising dedication to humanity and upholding the sacred principles of journalists and advocating for truth. Don't be silent and keep faith in the power of communication and humanity.

Thank you!

With gratitude and respect,

Linda Ando

With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando