I started to feel the pain that surround my community since I was a child. I am belonging to a community that there are some people might call it now middle class, but inside that middle class people there were a lot of people who didn't know the importance of the education. I have seen homeless people sleeping in the streets or bagging for their food. I have seen a lot of children that were mistreated by their families and their teachers. I have seen the children working and how they been through the most tough work conditions, as that is the only way they could turn to be real men. Although that I felt all of that and that I have to do anything to help anyone in that community, I couldn't do anything until I was twenty years old and that happened when I went to another community, better one I dera say. That was a result that there was no one around me to tell me that there is something called social responsibility, that I can help, and to teach me how I can be useful in that community.

When I stared to look for volunteer opportunities, I had been through a lot of difficulties. First I didn't know where to go and how I can help and for my unfortunate I wasn't in contact with anyone who is interested in civic work at all, so I took very long time until I did my first voluntary work. However, Every time I went to start a voluntary work, there were some common characteristic about that work. It wasn't well organized; there was no enough training for the volunteers about what they should do that beside the vague tasks that had been assigned to us.

Now I have learned a lot about how the civic society in Egypt and started to be familiar with it, and that by not loosing my hopes and holding on my faith in my social responsibility toward all that world not just the community that I live in. I trying to widen my network as much as I can and search for young people like me who had the chance to start that work before me and learn about their work. I started to say my opinion in how the work is done and to help in getting it more organized and more useful.

If I have to mention the internet in my journey, it is going to be a great friend of main. It helped me a lot in searching for volunteer opportunities and for the associations that I could join. That is besides doing lot of research about the community development around the world. I am now thinking if I was able to use the internet earlier that I started using it and what if every girl now have the chance to know about that open world to know, to share, to think, to learn, and to live.

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Well said Eman!

The big problem in places like Egypt and Morocco is the "how to" rather than "who to" help. Misery is not specific to Africa or the Arab world. What is common and worse than poverty elsewhere is the fact that our population is not educated and not informed on how they can help. We lack the means to seek help and the information on how to help.

Luckily, more and more NGOs are providing this guidance to activists like us, and with some help I am sure we can show others and gather a community of activists, just like Worlsd Pulse is doing here!

I am currently working on a project to provide shelter and education to street kids in Casablanca and Cairo. You know the situation more than anyone else! over one million street children live in Cairo..... Let's share ideas I am sure we can work together Eman!!

Speak soon habeebty, and keep up the good work!


"I am only one, but still I am one."

Hello Najwa, I am so happy to hear from you and I do appreciate your comment. I also so interested in the education of the homeless children it is really complicated problem especially in Cairo and I am afraid that there are few people who really care about those children. I have just moved to Alex and trying to recognize the social society and now I am working as a volunteer with an association that interested in developing the young people as they gave them some life skills courses and let them know about the civic community that is besides other programs with the schools students. I will try soon to contact Caritas as it is one of the association that deals with the homeless children in Cairo and Alex and see how there are working here and how I can help. in Cairo I know other associations that deal with that issue if you want me to send you their contact just let me know. I'd like to know more about your work concerning that issue and if you need any help here in Egypt I will be so happy to be part of any movement to help those children whither here in Egypt or Morocco. Looking forward to hear from you and work with you

Salam ya Gamil Eman