Night comes, I go to my bed, lying there having sleeping problem because my mind can't stop thinking and recalling all what happened to me today, what happened to me in this month, in this year, and in this life. I think about all the people who around me, my family, my friends, those people in the streets, those homeless children, and about all the people who appear on TV screen, suffering because of unaccounted reasons. I can feel everything and everyone. I feel I am a part of everything and I am a sister to everyone. I believe that I have a responsibility towards all of those problems. Then I am asking my self what I can do? I can't talk, I can't write, and I can't take any action, because they never taught me that I can do all of that.

There is too much pain everywhere. I told myself that I can't sleep here on my bed feel just sorry and cry about those who have no home, who can't be educated, who are being mistreated, who are running from wars. I have to say something; I have to take an action. But how and I am very small girl in that big world. I took some steps to tell them what I think, what I feel, but I they couldn't understand my language. I went back to my bed, back to my thoughts, was it my fault that I couldn't make them understand me? Or it was them who don't want to understand? I took other steps to take positive actions. Some steps were successful and some didn't get me to anywhere, but I still had great difficulty to make people listen to what I say. I felt so lonely, very isolated, and disable to do what I want to do. I was asking if there is a way out that isolation. How I can learn to be an effective part of that world. I was sending those questions to the wide void, waiting for any answers.

One day I got glue from one of my friend. He sent me the contact of the World Pulse. I logged in and started to read those stories of very strong women around that world. They have some of my problems; they may share with me my vision. They learned to take action and to make difference. They were able to make their community to respect their word and their efforts. I thought how much I can learn if I knew those women's stories, if I contacted them and learned from their experiences. I thought of how much friend I can make in that community and how I can be useful to some of them. It could be a great step for so many girls in that world to start their way to lean how to take an action and to make a difference.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Journey and Vision.