My Hankie (scribbles in solitude - 11)

Emilia Zozobrado
Posted October 25, 2010 from Philippines

21 May 1982

hankie 11

I have been carrying a torch since I knew I exist Lighting my own dark path Daring no one to walk beside me Sometimes I would trip Sometimes I would stumble Sometimes I would see a dead end beyond Sometimes I would rest Sometimes I would just sit down and worry Sometimes I would simply long for a shoulder to weep on Sometimes I would look back Sometimes I would look ahead Now and then I would see a torch dying It would scare me … for sometimes, the wind would blow so hard I would find it difficult to protect my light Suddenly, I saw another shadow ahead of me A larger one that concealed mine A breath blew my torch out And I closed my eyes in fright I realized I was no longer alone When I looked up, I saw the sun…and you were beside me I was about to ask who you were But you were leaving … It was even too late to say goodbye … * emie

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  • Amei
    Oct 25, 2010
    Oct 25, 2010

    Hi Emie,

    How are you? It is lovely post... enjoyed it. I am a bit dazzled these days not knowing how I am getting bye. Hopefully will be able to catch up by end of this weekend.

    Just visiting to see how my friends are doing here :-)

    Cheers Amei

  • Emilia Zozobrado
    Oct 25, 2010
    Oct 25, 2010

    Well, I'm right here ... just bumming at WP - reading testimonies and adding friends when I get a chance. I'm posting old scribbles on my journal, just to let off steam from the past...Actually, I wrote 123 scribbles (in just about 3 months!) out of loneliness and culture shock during my first time in the big city after I finished school. You see, I joined the metropolis in search for a job (and a "better future")... straight out from my beloved mountains! And, oh, what a dense jungle the new world was to me then ... so I scribbled my loneliness, confusion, longings, pains and fears! I told you ... I was stranded in the desert of voicelessness for so long and I know what it is to be there! Take your time ... your heart will find it's way to the keyboard when it's full ...

    Always, Emie Zozobrado