I could have been a man. If I were so, this would have been someone else’s cup of tea. But I am a woman. I have the distinct birthright to represent the other half of humanity, the female specie. This representation is my authority, my privilege and my accountability to the world.

Women empowerment is my piece. I preach woman power with my life. It is my breadth, my depth, my game, my journey, my voice. My life spells out woman power from womb to tomb. Womanhood is my doctrine, and women empowerment is my mission and vision.

It is with joy, pride and gratitude that I take this most opportune chance to tackle the issue of woman power in this year’s annual celebration of the International Day of Women come March 8, 2011. Let me assure you I can write my piece by heart, with ease and strength, with confidence and influence.

There is a much stronger motivation than simply writing about woman power. For me this is a challenge to illustrate the essence of the role of women in humanity – how women power works. I was raised and bred by a relatively chauvinistic father who believed that “a woman’s place is in the home”. As you now see, I am right here standing on my own place under the sun, lending a hand to change the world in solidarity with men and women around me.

I spent my adolescence in a male-dominated university, amidst the dogma of male conservatism at the heart of a Muslim civilization, as I pursued my college education in Mindanao State University in the Islamic City of Marawi in Southern Philippines. As a student, I was one of the pioneer auxiliaries of an exclusive male fraternity, the International Order of DeMolay. I stand firmly as a woman among men, a distinct individual among human beings, correctly certain that my belonging is my ownership.

In the three decades of my career, I have witnessed and worked with women in our continuous struggle to push our respective communities and our country towards progress and sustainable development. My stints in the country’s male-dominated steel monopoly and power industry gave me the opportunity to work with women in implementing, planning and critical decision-making, in giant corporations and in the hierarchy of public service. Women have been joining hands and sharing responsibilities with men as reliable and productive citizens, to keep the Philippine economy afloat, with the economic conversion of their services, skills and talents.

Moreover, my stint with the government’s peace process showed me how women conquer their grievous plights in the battlefields and refugee camps, with mothers, wives, sisters and daughters keeping their families intact despite destitution and homelessness; standing up for their rights as human beings; and stepping forward to raise awareness and issues for resolution. I see the strength of womanhood displayed in one caring and sharing community to make it through poverty, devastation and insecurity in war zones and conflict-affected areas.

Through my life I have proved my worth and professed my power as a woman. Woman power is my fair share in confronting the present and the future of the world. It strikes me bad that there is so much of women power wasted in societies where opportunities for women are limited and limiting; where their capabilities and potentials are underrated and untapped. A woman is a powerhouse of resources. Together, women can unburden much of the weight of the world, from confronting economic problems to addressing armed conflicts.

As a woman, my word is my motivation; my voice is my bond. I view women empowerment as the prime-mover of the change we want to see in humanity. There is so much work to do, and much of it the women are capable of doing. Given our place under the sun, we will move the earth.

I am convinced it is my right and responsibility to let the world know the essence and influence of women power. Women power is as relevant as it is imperative for the welfare of humanity, to change the world for the better. Truly, women power is what we need, today and always. Woman power is my best, nay, my whole! And that is exactly why I brave the chance to contribute my best and my whole in this year’s celebration of the International Day for Women.

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Oh my nose! Yes, it should be in the VOF 2010 correspondents! It's my mistake - sorry for the confusion and thanks for the info, Nilima! Anyway, now it's here ... so I guess it's where it will stay for now. Anyway, this is just a draft and I need your feedback, comments and reflections to polish into the final entry. All the best...

Always, Emie Zozobrado

Congratulation for the good work. Your title is attractive and strong and am sure so will the body be. Am sorry, i do not have time now to read and limited to internet as at present.

Stay well


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

Yeah right, Vivian! We share the same problem ... citizens of third world countries! We really have poor access to the rest of the world, even with the advent of information technology. Anyway, we will have all the time to exchange notes on our final entries so take your time. All the best...

Always, Emie Zozobrado

My dear Emie,

Woman power is my fair share in confronting the present and the future of the world. It strikes me bad that there is so much of women power wasted in societies, YES ! That is why i we come out of our closet to shout out our voices to the entire world in this manner. Indeed woman power is our birthright!

Am so grateful to you lady.You have worked with so many women in the three decades of your carrer.mmmm! what a revealing piece,the truth has been said.Thank you so much Emie, let the light keep shinning dear love.

Wish you all the best and Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



"success will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time " And when confronted conquer with love

Hurray! Woman power ... and now I'm sharing and enjoying it with sisters worldwide. Isn't that really really great? I'm forever grateful for this chance to sing my power into a crescendo with all other female voices in humanity, raising our voices with such clarity, loudness and strength the world will be bound to listen. We are one and unstoppable now ... all the best...

Always, Emie Zozobrado

Hi Ken! Thank you so much for the taking time to read and reflect on my piece! It really feels great knowing a sister appreciates the way you are and the way you think and feel as a woman. All the best...

Always, Emie Zozobrado

hi emie,

sorry for late comment just got time to read it.

the powerful rhyming words make it beautiful, the meaning of these words make it powerful op-ed. it is timely and it hold international attention! you rock emie!

i feel like it should also b in the one of the top international newspaper! i just LOVE it , you can see how much by capital word- LOVE!

you are just SUPERB!!!

You're not late, sister ... I was ahead! I had to post the draft earlier so I will have time enough to re-write it with your comments, because I'm still adjusting to a new job and a new environment and it might take a while for me to reflect on it for the final entry. Thanks for taking the time to read it, and for your very powerful faith and support, without which I would not have gone this far! All the best ...

Always, Emie zozobrado

Dear sister Emie,

Firstly, Congrats form the bottom of my heart. You have already made a great job. Your piece is tremendously powerful like you. To be frank, when I read your pieces, I used to refer dictionary often as I am weak at vocabulary but this one led me in fully pleasure without moving to any Oxford or Longman. Perfect!

With Love, Insha Allah

Shwe Wutt Hmon

Many thanks for taking the time to read, sister. I have posted the draft earlier so I will have time enough to reflect your comments on the final entry. Hope to read your piece, too .... All the best ...

Always, Emie Zozobrado

I am so proud of you. I am so proud to know you. I am so happy to be working with you and for you and to know that you are out there working and writing and sharing your heart and your head and your capabilities so successfully. You are amazing and life-affirming and amazing.

All my love and respect and admiration.



Ruth, I can only be as powerful as the people who believe in me! You are always there - with Anna and all the sisters in the WP community - right where I draw the strength, the courage and the wisdom you now see in me! I truly am amazed! All the best ...

Always, Emie Zozobrado

Hello Sister Emie!

Pls If you mean what you said, I want us to talk. Pls do send me your email address so we talk more.I have elot to say to you.

Beloved, don't you think we should ACT more than talking? For I know that action speak LOUDER than words. I reserve my many comments till the right time. Beloved COMRADE, I FELT YOUR WORDS,HOW I WISH THERE WERE ACTIONS,I WOULD HAVE BEEN MADE. Thank you sister,indeed that was an heartfelt work. Waiting humbly for your reply.

My email is info@awr.org.ng website is www.awr.org.ng

Kareen Udoh

Thanks for the interest, Kareen! Actually, the amazing sisters here in this WP community are inspiring and helping each other. You don't have to pick me out because all of us here are very willing to help in ways we can. You can leave me a private message anytime and rest assured I will respond the soonest I can. All the best...

Always, Emie Zozobrado

Hi SLaw! Every woman's voice is her strength. Together we can make the whole world listen to us ... and help us change it for the better! All the best...

Always, Emie Zozobrado