Peace begin with a smile

Emily Anyango
Posted June 23, 2010 from Kenya

If you have been praying and desiring a certain change in your life,you can decide you want the change.TODAY,and it will happen.Many suffer for long because they dont know it is their responsbility,not Gods,to effect the change they desire in their lives.Lets make the story of Hanah in the OLD TESTAMENT as a case study.She had been married to Elkanah for several years with out a child,and must have been hoping this would change some day,but it did not.One day,she got tired of the situation and made up her mind for a miracle. She said to her self,'it is today or never,'then she went into the house of the Lord and fell on her face before God and brought forth her case.While she was there,Eli the high Priest thought she was drunk by observing the movement of her lips and no sound.There Hanah was pouring her heart before the lord.We have always thought all Hanah did was make a vow to God,but she did more,she argued her case before God.She petitioned God and gave him strong reasons why she must have a child.Later Hanah concieved and gave birth to Samuel the Prophet.Bring forth your strong reasons by meditating on it every day and you shall get it.Pulse wire community lets petition our case like Hanah ,there were strong women from he ancient of age and let us continue fighting for Peace,it will never be created by war ,but with a smile.Let us get back and find how this strong women were fighting their wars and winning by will.

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