Emily Anyango
Posted December 2, 2010 from Kenya

I salute all my Pulse wire community,i hope you are all doing well.We have gone so far and now we are at the edge of 2010. I am congratulating my sisters who made it to the top,may they produce something to change the world.Here i am with my sister Alice,she has come all the way from up country to the Kenyan coast to visit me.What is exciting is ,she has shown high interest in PULSE WIRE.She has a vission concerning the Christian faith.Now listen to her story;;;;;

For many years i have born vision the Lord deposited in my heart to go tell the world.That Jesus Christ in flesh was God demonstrating an Earthly Temple and the ten commandments in the body of Jesus as a Summary of our mirror in its weakness.That in the death of Christ he put down the Earthly Temple and its regulations,meaning a worship place that can be seen and touched-Hebrews 12;;20-24 and that as he laid down his body he smashed down the Temple ,leav

ing believers to worship in the spirit of ascension celebrating a finished work.Thus worship in his rest and live in the rupture of Christ victory.THESE MEANS ENTERING INTO THE MOST HOLY PLACE IN TH E SANCTUARY.Hebrews 8;;1-4,9;;1-2 ,8-12.My burden is to release the church from the bondage of working for their salvation which is Babylon and take them into Gods rest of daily Sabbath which is Salvation.Hebrews 4;;3-10.SHE NEEDS A SPONSOR TO HELP HER REACH OUT UNTO THE WORLD BY producing books and DVDS.May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Emily and Alice.

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  • Bhagya
    Dec 02, 2010
    Dec 02, 2010

    Something I see you and I have in common is to thank god for whatever he has done for us at any point in my life. I appreciate it.. God put us in this world to share our sorrows, aspirations and happiness with everyone around us.. He spoke of gender equality many times, and I am sad to see that the world has forgotten to celebrate on his words and scriptures. However, he wants you and me to do something about this because we will ahve to show an account to him oneday, on his second coming. I feel happy everytime I log in to pulse wire, which I am unable to explain well. I feel that its a home away from home to me, where I share my stories and aspirations. I always remember everyone of you in my prayers, so that he helps you in your efforts to bring change.

  • Emily Anyango
    Dec 03, 2010
    Dec 03, 2010

    Hi Bhagya, Thank you so much for the sister -hood we share in Christ and Pulse -wire,I and my sister has so much in common as to your faith.God is on the move by the power of the holy spirit and very soon we will be with him in Zion .My sister Alice says ,the secret to enjoy the Christian faith is to discover the secret of Christ Body,Hebrews;;10;5-10.In that when Christ put down the Body,we die with him and rise with him spiritual biengs having a human experience.May the Lord bless you as we continue living in a ruptured life.1john-4;;1-4. Emily and Alice.