Hello, It is fun to see children who had no opportunity to parental love grow up as normal children.This Term is Foot Ball Season in Kenya and all schools are meeting to compete.Ket Wangi Orphans and Learning Center were on the roll.Here the Game started and people were marveled seeing the un expected,it started with the girls team to another school,the girls scored 4 to 0.The boys were next and they scored 1-0.Then it was a talk of the village,people still can not understand how the children are playing.they are smart.They were chosen to go to Zonal and here they were more smarter.They played and earned smart points which now thrilled the judges and remained in ?Today 2 girls have been chosen to play with the senior women league and 1 boy to senior Men league.I am very proud to be a mother to these orphans,they have brought me a big smile with confidence that we are on the race to our destiny.The Bible reveals to us that a hard working, obedient child and honest makes his parents happy.I am rejoicing over the dedication I see in these children,I know that they will not come out empty hand but will be people of dignity.I am in this Ship and sailing in Faith,I wish you could join me and transform the life of these children.It is still along way and their lives are in friends like you,by the hard work of friends around the world we have reached this far.Help me congratulate the children of Ket Wangi Orphanage.See them at;;http//ketwangiwordpress.com Love, Emily

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