I saw a depressed mother with a crying baby,and i tried to look for a solution but i could not,Then i said may i take time and talk to her,by talking to her ,she told me to listen carefully.;;My daughter look at your brother ,can you see how he is crying?i said yes.She told me to listen again.Then she started;;;;your father has taken another woman ,and here we are left with out anything to eat,the baby has no milk nor poridge and i dont know where to start from?he has locked all the cupboards and he has given his uncle to take over from our business,what will i do to take care of you children?who will listen to me in this time of trouble; Then i told her,mom listen we are now big children, me i am thirteen years old and George my brother is fifteen years old,we will start working for people in the fields and what ever they will give to us ,we will bring home .She looked at me and started cying,she said no,my child i will look for a solution,be it i wanted yyou to work for people ,i wold left your father long ago,but because of you children ,i have tied my self here to see you grow up ,i will never lose hope in life and i will use my last energy to feed and take care of you. Life was cruel to us but my mama kept us going,mama was waking up so early in the morning before we wake up and starts on her routine work;;;;going to the shamba to plant maize,potatoes,vegetable and slas-hing the compound,it was too much work for her,us we could only help in fecthing water from the river,fetching fire-wood and carying the baby when we did not go to school.The most painful part of it is when we came from school we always find her with the on her back digging and she tell us;;oh,my children you have come back for lunh;take that bunch of firewood go and cook ugali ,then warm the vegetable and eat then go back to school.It was very pain ful to me but what could i do to help.?Life went on like that and we grew up,.Now the wife my father married became bully,she could just create mistakes and say my mother did,if not my mama then my brother,so everyday when my father comes from work ,he has to beat my mama or my elder brother.It was so sad but the world was going on.Now with time my fathers temper cooled down and he took us to a boarding school,there it was you and the school and no pocket money,no sanitary towels for me and my sister,it was a mess,my brother was taken to a boys boarding school with the same stand.Me and my sister we used to admire our fellow girls with all essential thing for girls,the only good thing our mother talked to us before we left home,she told us to thank God for what has happened,you go work hard in school because this is the only option we have to change this situation to a better life.We at school we always raecalled our mothers last words ,we worked hard in school ,we were in the front positions ever,our behaviours were exellent and we succeeded in life,my sister a teacher and me a nurse. My dad did not have a baby with his beloved and wife,and when we started working he came back to my mother ,,his wife tried to be friend us ,but she got cool negative response,no body could accept to help her,she left and went to the city to survive.These my mothers encouraging words carried us on with a stand of never lose hope in life.TO DAY MY MOTHER IS SETTLED ,SHE HAS PEOPLE WORKING FOR HER.

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There is no way by which a crucked child can change to be a good person because he is away from home.He can be good in pretence,hiding his true colours.A childs failure is a mothers failure.My group members let us start pruning our seeds in our children at home before giving it to this community.

ketwangi orphanage and learning center Kisumu Kenya

Thanks for sharing this with us Emily. Mothers have over the years have to work very hard to educate, feed and accommodate the children they gave birth to with a man. This is one of the reasons why I am passionate about creating projects and programmes to help women to be assertive and economically independent.

I am happy that you and your siblings worked hard in school and your mother is now 'settled'. Keep the good work and we look forward to reading more from you!


Gifty Pearl Abenaab Founder Greight Foundation www.greightfoundation.org