Warm greetings World Pulse Volunteers!

I hope this message finds you all well.

We've had a lot of great activity recently in our French-speaking World Pulse community and are in need of more French to English community translators.

If you've worked with us as a volunteer translator before and are available to do 5-10 translations over the next month, please contact me at emily@worldpulse.com.

Or, if you haven't yet volunteered as a translator for World Pulse but are interested in doing so, please contact terry@worldpulse.com.

Thank you for your contributions to our community both past and present. Your volunteer leadership helps make this community the thriving place it is!

Warm regards, Emily

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Hi Emily,

I posted the link on Facebook and had two responses! A friend of mine will contact you shortly by email (Joanna), she's a native English-speaker but speaks French fluently. And I'm in the process of convincing a French friend (he speaks very good English as well).

It woudl be their first time volunteering for WP :)

Thank you so much, Aurore! This is fantastic and you are fabulous for recruiting more wonderful volunteers!!! =) Wishing you a beautiful weekend, Emily