I had taken the initiative to build a mobile app for the World Pulse community so that members with difficulties to stay connected due to the lack of computers, laptops but who can access andriod phones can stay connected.

I am sorry it took me a long while to get the app to you all, but had to meet up with the Google Play Console charges for submitting apps.

The good news now is it is now on Play Store. So just search for World Pulse on play store and download.


I took the chances of adding my website Star E Blog as a tab on the app, I regularly post funding opportunities for NGOs and other International Fellowships and Scholarships. Please do well to check it up regularly for those opportunities that can help fund your NGO and your projects.

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Wow, amazing and congratulations to you Emily. Will definately download the app. Truly helpful.

Thank you for your initiave.


Terry Shiundu

Hi Emily, 

I wanted to check out your app, so I downloaded to my andriod tablet, I don't have an Andriod phone.  It looks great.  I was wondering if it is possible to fix the images on the google play store because they look distorted.  I also think we should share this as part of the Intel She Will Connect face to face training for women who have phones.  I will talk to the World Pulse team about it!  Great work!


Hi Marne, Thanks for the kind words. About adjusting the photos I believe it is because I only uploaded screen shots of the app from my phone. I don't have a tablet, but if you can get snapshots from your tablet and send to me via email then I can update the pics on Google play . I am going to send you my email now via a private message. Thanks for the appreciation and would be glad if the Intel she will connect proposal can work. Best wishes Emily.

Emily Miki