The Magic Pencil

Emrys Dias
Posted January 3, 2018

One fine day, Sam accidentally came across a silver coloured pencil. As a 10 year old, he was delighted to find something shiny! He quickly picked up his treasure and took it home. Sam was creative and loved drawing. When he was done with his homework, he stayed indoors that day to play with his new toy instead of playing outside with his friends.

Sam took his drawing canvas and started sketching the first thing that came to his mind. He drew a chocolate bar. No sooner than he had completed his drawing, the image started glowing. Sam was curious about what would happen next. It was a warm feeling so he waited for it. In a few seconds the sketch stopped glowing and a chocolate bar appeared right before him. Sam was afraid at first, but soon understood what had happened. He realised he had found a magical pencil that made things real. Having gathered his wits about him, Sam realised he should not trust anyone with his little secret. Sam soon started gifting his friends with interesting little things and was famous in no time! He was bound to make other kids jealous. Most of these jealous kids could be won over easily with the interesting goodies Sam had to offer.

One of the jealous kids named Luke figured out something was fishy about Sam. Luke worked on his father’s farm whenever his dad needed help with odd jobs in exchange for pocket money. He thought, it was unusual for an ordinary kid, who was a loner, to become famous in no time and wondered at Sam's great generosity that his parents didn’t mind.

One day, Luke decided to sneak up on Sam and find out his little secret. He hid outside the window of Sam’s living room to spy on him while he studied. In some time, Sam pulled out his magical pencil and sketched something which sprang to life. Luke was amazed to see this and decided that he had to obtain the Magical pencil for himself at the earliest.

Luke waited for an opportunity and walked away with the magical pencil as soon as Sam had stepped outside his room. Luke was overjoyed to have Sam’s magical pencil and danced on his way home.

As a farmer with limited resources, Luke’s father had to arrange for water from other sources. He would put Luke in charge of the odd jobs around the farm in his absence. Luke did not like this and wanted to make things easy for himself. He started sketching the first thing that came to his mind: A well!

No sooner had Luke finished the drawing, he witnessed the majestic glow followed by the sight of the well right before his eyes. All of a sudden, there was a well, in his room, surrounded by lush green grass! Although this was mesmerising, he soon realised that he can't have a well inside his house. It was only moments later that the well started overflowing; The house was getting filled with water!

Luke panicked and approached Sam in despair. He begged for Sam’s forgiveness and pleaded for help. Sam realised the threat the magical pencil could pose in the wrong hands and decided to help.

As soon as he reached Luke’s house, he identified a way to stop the whole ordeal. He took an eraser and erased the sketch off the canvas. Sam’s idea worked and the well disappeared!.

Luke learnt his lesson and promised to never take anything without the owner’s consent. Sam also learnt a lesson that he should never leave anything valuable unattended in an unsafe place.

Remember, if something can be used to do good, we should use it wisely but in the wrong hands, things could go wrong quickly.

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