Challenges and drawing strength fro it.....

Posted September 26, 2011 from Nigeria

Being a girl or a growing woman has not been easy in-fact it has been very challenging but very pleasant and inspiring. I have faced many challenges growing up as a female, girl and young woman who questioned many things and tried to argue and change people’s orientation about women and girl’s issues in my community and one thing was clear boys and men in my community where very comfortable with the way things were and did not need any change and if I was to create any positive change women and girls issues, I had to make talking about our issues, women and girls issues part of my life. I had to talk change, live change and be prepared for a life long struggle.

I have faced a lot of challenges in different ways but will share few; male dominance seem to be everywhere I find myself. Almost in all spheres of live and trying in every little way I can using the GPI weekly lesson as a platform to educate girls on the reasons they can be who they want in life is quite challenging.

It still is difficult for me to encourage girls and women take up leadership positions in different bodies in schools as the girls and women themselves are scared and do not want to oppose their male folks saying men are suppose to be the head giving males the opportunity to say women are fighting themselves.

Being a trainer and a facilitator becomes difficult by the day as people see you as a super human being who is suppose to change their world with a “witch wand”. They expect you to know all and do not want to be part of the “Change” process. They see it as my thing to change girls and women orientation not as our thing leaving me to talk and talk, advocate and perspire a lot during the process.

I have learnt to work with like minded people no matter how small they may be in number while advocating for an issue or doing community work. I have learnt to believe in my self and my skills using them positively each time I have the opportunity and reminded my friends daily too that marriage is a choice that will be fulfilled if both partners are comfortable with the personality involved and are happy.

PulseWire is an awesome plat form where I am relating and interacting with other women from all over the globe gaining inspiration and encouragement to do my work and be a change maker. This past weeks of my involvement in this training has reopened my eyes on how important it is for me to remain focus. Most importantly, it has revived my love for writing which has been the most valuable way I express myself.

Voices of Our Future Application: Challenges and Solutions to Creating Change

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  • Stephanie Roth Gurung
    Sep 30, 2011
    Sep 30, 2011

    Hello Emyeyo,

    Thanks for sharing the challenges that you are facing in your community. I know there is no magic "witch wand" to change the world, but thank you for all that you do and for taking small steps toward making change! A few things - what is "GPI"? Also, I'd love to hear about more specific ways you can use World Pulse in overcoming the challenges you have expressed.



  • cate morriss
    Oct 03, 2011
    Oct 03, 2011

    Hi Emyeyo

    You sound like you have a lot to contend with - and I hope you gather some strength to do that here from your network of friends on World Pulse! No one can make people change - but you can inspire them to and if you keep going i am sure you will do that in many ways :)

    On your essay - I would like to hear more about your work training and facilitating- I'm not sure what field you do this in and it would help readers if you put that up front to give your story a clear context.