With a handicap, I am viewed unfortunate But I uphold I am fortunate For God Almighty who knows all Has a perfect plan for us all

By His will I shall strive And never relent to thrive For I belief disability Does not stipulate inability

I consider myself a being As every human being My obvious predicament Does not curb my excitement

Life is what we make of it I absolutely intend to make the best of it So I desire no pity From people in any city

Like folks I just need encouragement Vital through empowerment Seeking equal opportunities As human rights constituencies

Harden not to listen to our voices Our plea is to give us choices Do not reject nor exploit us in the community We are an integral part of society

By Cecile Enie

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I could not agree more. I am dance teacher for physically and mentally handicapped students. These students, like your poem above, forever inspire me with postivitity, endurance and faith. I am looking to find new ways to offer more performances for these students and I am trying to create a dance piece for students to create dances/movements about their disabilities, any suggestions...???

anna lag

Hi Anna lag, your activity sounds very interesting i can perceive the joy in their faces. I have visited disabled persons like the deaf and dumb and the blind. The blind for instance are so enjoyable when you watch them sing and dance. We have about five blind musicians in Cameroom and most of them are very popular. Music uplift spirits.

Back in Cameroon, my mum volunteered to run a group with the Blind rehabilitation center, they sing, act and do recitations all composed by my mum.

Talking about suggestions, i wish i had the opportunity to visit and see what you are actually doing but in the mean time i will see if i can come up with any ideas, but note that i am a journalist and although i love dancing i am not a professional.

Kind Regards