Every human long And don’t want to prolong An age to be married Though not with someone horrid

Marriage is a sacrament That needs commitment To make it blissful For those who are faithful

Couples divert And don’t concert Thus, begin trouble Hence the relationships crumble

Marriage is built on love For couples to beloved To have a life partner And live by each corner

Marriage is loosing its virtue Since couples misconstrue With men being chauvinistic Judging from their characteristic

Women thence anticipate To have a man to communicate And regard her equal To keep their feelings mutual

By Cecile Enie

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thanks foe such a beautiful article you have made me know things that i knew not. i realised how many times us young ladies especialy who are expecting to get are at risk and this is after something i have experienced i find many men coming to me with different proposals and promises but well because marriage should not be based on circumstances but on the love between two people who are in a sincere relationship i have to say NO and i always say capital NO because its not promises but love and responsibility we may indulge ourselves in marriage that is not supposed to be and we end up regretting. thank you sis for that it is really good to always help others find way