These two words – progress and development are synonymous and are geared towards prosperity which should be complimentary in any society. Whether as an individual or as a group, it is necessary to set up our goals in life towards progress and development, for our personal lives and that of our communities. Again these tenets equally attribute growth in any societal realm.

As a result, in our personal lives, specific activities and leadership charges or roles, it is expected of us to aspire and strive towards progress and development with out which we can not attain or achieve social longevity which will definitely lead to better living conditions such as - fundamental human rights, social justice, free opinion and expression, economic independence, empowerment and equality.

We are also expected to access whatever we do, any charge or responsibilities bestowed on us and employ all our efforts and utmost to attain constant progress and development that are quite evident. I find it sad to absorb the fact that, most of our nations branded underdeveloped, seem to be quite contented and do nothing or little to thrive to be qualified as developed. It puzzles me why they even struggled for independence in the first place, when they are still dependent on other nations for sustainability and survival. Instead, their national debts increases, but citizens are still in gross need, living in precarious conditions and abject poverty for lack of socio-economic development.

What irk me is that, most of these nations are naturally blessed with lots of resources which is even exploited to make growth eminent, yet the growth of these countries are stagnant or prone to regress, shifting their economic situation from good to bad and bad to worst. The wealth and economic powers are usually in the hands of just a few.

However, those with foresights and zeal towards progress and development should not relent to bring about changes and through our individual precepts, drive and efforts, no matter how small, we can contribute in making an impact and bring about progress and development, if not in a larger scale but at least for our immediate community.

I uphold here at World Pulse, we have embarked on a mission and journey to speak out and sort solutions and resolutions geared towards progress and development. Let us therefore not relent in our struggles to bring about social equilibrium.

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Dear Cecile:

Growth is not a matter of feelings only. It is a matter or hard work. In the case of my country, and many in Africa that share the same growth rates, the hard work has not been the main feature of the governing groups. They usually come into ruling the country to steal and fill their pockets with money that belongs to the poor people, and this happens with the right and the left parties.

That is the main reason why we end up with plans that don't give any results, because our governing authorities, which in most cases happen to be men, are too busy getting rich themselves and don't have time to make the people get rich.



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America

Dear Jackie,

Ofcourse growth is not a matter of feeling perse but it is a matter of hard work. But again, i will think it should be a matter of feeling and hard work especailly if you consider feeling as conception. For instance, if we don't feel and conceive towards progress and development then we can't work hard towards it by implementing favourable policies for the good of all.

It is because of the absence of that feeling that our governing bodies or authorities are prone to the remarks you cited in your comment.

Kind Regards, Cecile

Dear Cecile

I agree with you, the wealth and Economic powers are just in the hands of just a few Leaders in Government and Middle Class. Majority are helpless in poverty they are voiceless, and they are forgotten forever generation after generation. They die young.We are appealing to our sisters WORLDPULSE TEAM to come to our aid.

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TERESA KAGECHA i would like to use the new password and email to participate in the WORLDPULSE VIEWS - COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION MOBILISING

My dear Teresa, that's the world we find ourselves in but all we have to do is to brave all odds and speak out while hoping for a change.

Our African leaders for eample are more like Zeus, so engulf with power to the extend of doing all to stay in power till i guess until death. We might not have been perturb if we witness at least some tendency of development and progress.

Some have not even been able to enjoy the money they syphoned from their country's coffers to international banks and our famous Swiss Bank has benefited from this unaccounted GROSS sums of money while marjority of indigenes are in desperate needs.

All the best.

In the developing country like Nigeria that is so blessed with resources, I still wonder why our leaders keep mismanaging our money and our resources. But just like you said, e need not relent, we have to fight on till we see through progress and development.

Toyin Ajao

I love the spirit sister - Like John F. Kennedy said " ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country". I guess in our efforts and fight towards progress and development we will have to ascribe by this wise statement by President J. F. Kennedy.

Love, Cecile