Posted May 11, 2009 from Cameroon

Vying for progress and development Should be anyone’s commitment Socially we have to contribute To enable us attain these attributes

Progress and development is required Hence, generally we can acquire Better living conditions With an atmosphere of perfection

Progress and development is necessary And should be complimentary Within our community To ensure social longevity

Progress and development standardize Overshadows aspects that jeopardize Bringing about underdevelopment Hampering some life’s excitement

The absence of progress and development Causes many to lament For chaos and opposition Ignite mass destruction

Actions towards progress and development Shouldn’t be just a statement It has to conform to social values When rights of citizens are valued For the sake of posterity We need to evaluate our dexterity Let’s restore and decentralize Opting for steps that liberalize

By Cecile Enie

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