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100 years ago, the indigenous people lived in the beautiful and amazing Amazon rainforest. Most lived on the exquisite Amazon River. To travel they made canoes to go up and down river. The population was almost wiped out by the diseases brought by European and South American colonists. After the natives started to recover from the diseases, they were blown over with another major crisis. They began to get enslaved. Now, there are fewer natives then there were 500 years ago.

Amazonians were a race of war like women in Greek mythology. They killed all of their male offspring, and raised their daughters in the art of war. The Indian came to the Amazon before the white people. One group of Spaniards was brutally attacked by a group of women warriors. The Spaniards called them Amazons after the word "a" meaning without and "mazos" meaning breast. They got their name from their ritual of burning or cutting off their right breast in order to handle a bow and arrow with ease. Many died because of this. The wound easily gets infected.

These war-women lived in the Asian Minor, and Cappadocia, but only met during battle. Many references to Amazons appear in Greek literature. For example, the legendary hero Hercules is said to have killed Hippoplyta, the most famous Amazonian queen. According to the famous Greek poet, Homer, the Amazons fought on the side of troy in the Trojan war.

Some scholars believe that the concept of a race of women warriors originated when the Greeks fought the Scythians, people who lived north of the Black Sea. Herodotus, the 5th century Greek historian reported that following one war between the Greeks and the Amazons set sail with a number of Amazon captives.

Not all the people are women and follow their tradition.

The people hold many secrets. Scientists and nature preservers are still trying to pry their sophisticated knowledge out of them. Small pieces at a time. The main things they are getting from them are their potions, rituals, and medicines, to use on our people.

Government owns the Amazon rainforest. For the people to own land they paddle their canoes up to an area that they chose usually about 1-2 acres. They build their small hut, and once they live on it for 7 years, they own it.

They live off the river, and their sewage from their small bathroom runs down the bank and into the river. Their baths are also taken in the river along with washing the dishes, and drinking. That is why pretty much all people that live in the Amazon have potbellies. The bacteria and all that grossness gets in to their body and forms worms. Their potbellies are caused from the worms being inside of them.

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