Eat Fewer Calories, Feel More Full

Posted May 13, 2009 from Cameroon

Dear Sisters, Please note that 'health is wealth' and when we are unhealthy we are deficient and lack the stamen to carry out our various functions. The reason i always try to share some health issues.

Is it possible to eat fewer calories, yet feel more full? Yes, if the foods are high in fiber, according to a new study from the University of Toronto. People felt more satisfied and ate fewer calories at breakfast and lunch combined when they started their day with a high-fiber cereal, compared to when they ate a low-fiber cereal that had 100 more calories.

The concept of “energy density” for weight control has a growing body of science behind it. The idea is to fill up on foods that have lots of bulk relative to their calories. Fiber in cereal provides bulk (as does water in fruits and vegetables).

The study used Fiber One cereal (not surprisingly, it was funded by General Mills). But any high-fiber (low-sugar) cereal is a good breakfast choice. Read more -

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  • Mwaka
    May 14, 2009
    May 14, 2009

    Am always encourged by your writings, I hope and pray that you are doing fine. Well may i take this opportunity to inquire something from you. I am very slim and i don't look my age and some people think am 16 or 18, when am 25. I always dream of putting on weight not too much though! I have tried eating a lot but i only put on a little weight. what can i do?

    Have a nice day!

    May 27, 2009
    May 27, 2009

    Hi Dando,

    i don't know what happen, i'm indeed certain i had replied your comment and i'm surprise to still realise i had not. How ever, I wanted to make you know that people are instead trying hard to have a younger look and go through hard times trying to maintain or reduce their weight.

    I also want you to understand it is not all foods that makes one gain weight. Diets strickly on fruits and vegetables will not really cause one to gain weight. Some eat little and gain weight while others eat much and have no ounce of extra fat. Well for you with my small knowledge of nutrition, i will propose you eat starchy foods or Carbohydrates, consume meats high in fats and cholesterol like chicken, pork. Consume dairy products like whole milk, cheese, butter etc. In other words go for high calorie diets. Cereals too like cornflakes can be good, some though actually have higher calorie and carbohydrates than others.

    I have no idea about foods in your country, but most African countries have foods very rich in starch and carbohydrates such as - corn or maize, cassava, yams, cocoyams and these are equally processed to other foods like garri, flour, fufu, paps or prepared and eaten like that. The Palm oil too has high levels of Choleserol as well as Vitamine A.

    You can sign up for this newsletter on Nutrition -, it is free and i hope you shall find some valuable info, for the foods might be foreign. Please don't hesitate if you have further question.

    All the best and goodluck.

    Warm Regards Cecile