Calcium and vitamin D aren't the only nutrients you need to keep your bones strong. After reviewing data from seven studies, researchers in Japan concluded that high doses of vitamin K increased bone strength and reduced fractures in postmenopausal women.

Vitamin K may help activate osteocalcium, a protein the body needs to utilize calcium in bone tissue.

It's too early to recommend high-dose supplements, but getting more vitamin K in your diet--specifically from leafy green vegetables like spinach and broccoli--is always a good idea. Multivitamins and bone formulas often provide low-to-moderate doses of K. Read more -

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Hey Fatima, i'm so glad to read from you again. So how are you doing? I'm glad you find the post informative. Please i've been looking up for your contributions in the group - Social Dialogue. I know you have a lot to share, please don't keep it to yourself share with us, thanks.

Kind regards and all the best. Cecile


No surprise that eating kale, chard, leafy greens of all types and I feel good. I think the governments of the globe should put a lot more energy into educating and helping farmers to grow and distribute the foods that will make us flourish. You are always passing along good info. Thanks.


Laura you can't be more right, in my country i use to think some people are really fat, coming also from a family with hefty genes. But now that i'm in the US i have seen many obese people than i have seen in my time.

The foods most loved like Pizzas, some crackers, french fries or potatoe chips, hotdogs are really salty while i noticed sugar is also used in large quantities. For instance i used to watch the food channel and was amazed of a meal with muffins, tomatoes, oil and other spices and other weird combinations in the guise of seasoning.

We equally roast chicken too and other meats and even fish, but was shock to find out that most of the seasoning here sugar is added even in a roast, tomatoes sauce etc. So apart from the regular fats and oils in fried foods, carbohydrates as well as starchy foods like doughs and pastry products much sugar and salt is used and this is not healthy. Naturally fresh corn is sweet, back in my country it is widely eaten and even transfromed to other food but here the corn is most boiled in sugar. I can't stand it. There are lots of vegetables here but apart from salads most restaurants don't have them in their menu and many people don't just have the time and interest to prepare their own meals. At the Grocery stores i actually see fresh assorted vegetables.

As you said much has to be done to sensitize and the goverment could also control these restaurants for them not to go overboard with their seasoning. Food should be a source for health and life but when the menu disregard nutritional facts it can lead to illhealth and eventually death. Thanks for you comments and i'm glad you find the info infromative.