Eating an Atkins-like diet may actually be good for your cholesterol, according to a new study by the noted researcher Dr. David Jenkins. The catch is that you should eat plant, not animal, sources of protein. Low-carb/high-protein diets can help in weight loss (at least initially), but when they’re high in meat (and thus saturated fat), as the classic Atkins diet is, they may raise LDL (“bad”) cholesterol.

The study, in the Archives of Internal Medicine, compared a low-carb plant-based (“Eco-Atkins”) diet, rich in soy and other vegetable proteins, to a high-carb vegetarian control diet, in 44 overweight people. Both groups lost about nine pounds after four weeks, but the Eco-Atkins dieters had greater improvement in LDL cholesterol and other heart disease risk factors. Read more -

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Isn't it amazing what studies and science show up? Maybe someday we all can adapt a healthy diet too, and all be healthy. Balancing food and health can be so hard some times! Thanks for sharing.

Hi Aliĝngix, Your comment is correct, we sometimes go overboard with longings for certain foods which are really tasty, appealing but not healthy. Some healthy diets can be boring but i stick more on making sure i have enough fruits and vegetables each day, hence i'm sure of my vitamins and blood level. I just like staying healthy without real interest in dieting because i really crave to look like Hollywod Stars. You're always welcome. Cheers